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Beginners Yoga Tips - Yoga the Perfect Exercise - |

Beginners Yoga Tips – Yoga the Perfect Exercise Yoga on the Mountaintop

The Quest for the Perfect exercise

Ideally any exercise regimen that one endeavors to do on a daily basis should be enjoyable, effective and have results that can be easily felt.

I would submit that the perfect exercise would require no special equipment, no special space and be able to be performed in a relatively quick manner.

So what exercise fits these criteria?

Beginners Yoga Tips

What is a sun salutation?

The sun salutation is series of stretching positions also known as asanas, Combined the sun salutations asanas will target every muscle in the body.

Traditionally, one would perform a sun salutation upon rising in the morning,allowing one to start the day fully relaxed with every muscle warmed and stretched. Performing this exercise daily will quickly do wonders for ones flexibility and physique.

Even if you were never interested in performing yoga, this simple stretching regimen can be learned on ones own schedule, it can be done anywhere, and it can be snuck into any portion of your day. You wont end up sweaty and fatigued, rather you will be energized and relaxed at the same time.

Sun Salutations for Weight Loss

Proper Form with the Sun Salutation

As the Sun Salutation and most tutorials on how to perform it is not directly intended to be used as a “exercise’ you will find that most will be focused on proper form and breathing. This is really important, learn the positions in perfect form and learn to breathe appropriately and easily during this movement.

After you have mastered the series and performing it is second nature, you can try variations of the sun salutation that may focus more on the possible exercise aspects of the movements.

You will find that performing this perfect exercise becomes something you look forward to.!

Learning more about Sun Saluations

I find that videos are far more useful for learning yoga exercises and I have purposely stayed away from the more foreign or traditional principle related to these yogic movements.

Some will get hung up on the simple fact that this is a movement descended from yoga, Dont!, it is very likely the perfect exercise

More Information about Yoga

If you have interest in the tradition that created this exercise or you are the type that learns better through books, Ii have some suggestions below for you.

You may also find that the Himalayan institute has some interest for you,if you would like to know more about the proven science that supports the yogic tradition.



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