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Wedding Insurance Abroad: What Is Overseas Wedding Insurance? |

Wedding Insurance Abroad: What Is Overseas Wedding Insurance?

A growing number of people are seeking the dream and look to the beautiful islands of Greece as a unique location to enjoy a Greek wedding. Against the backdrop of the unique sunset of Santorini or the deep, azure seas of the calm Aegean, many couples seek to ensure that their big day will remain long in the memory. They buy into the vision of sun, sea, history, and the inevitable raucous reception that will spill over long into the small hours of the warm, calm summer night.

However, amidst all of the preparations; finding a wedding planner, booking flights and taking care of the thousands of little jobs that mount up, many couples forget to buy wedding insurance abroad for their dream day. This simple oversight can cost a fortune and place a strain on any relationship. Whilst planning your wedding, you should put some money aside to cover the cost of overseas wedding insurance, protecting you against any eventuality.

Why Do We Need Wedding Insurance Abroad for Our Greek Wedding?

Overseas wedding insurance will ensure that your dream remains aliveAn illness in the family, cancelled flights, damage to the dress, or a caterer going out of business can ruin the big day and mean that you have wasted thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and money wasted by the guests. With overseas wedding insurance, you can recover the costs and at least look forward to planning your wedding for another day. Even if things go wrong on the day, you can fix them without worrying about the bills waiting on the doorstep when you return.

The good thing about most wedding insurance providers is that they allow to you mix and match your coverage, adding extra cover to the policy and enabling you to choose a specific policy tailored to your individual needs. If you are using a wedding planner, they should have their own insurance, but that will only cover you against costs within their control.

If you are unsure about their insurance coverage or you intend to do the planning yourself, then err on the side of caution. Buying the cheapest wedding insurance online is asking for extra difficulties, the last thing that you need when faced with the task of organizing large groups to travel to Greece for your dream wedding.

The unique Greek history ensures that your wedding is a true once in a lifetime experience

Document Indemnity Insurance:

For a wedding in Greece, the authorities require you to provide certain documents, and losing them, or leaving them at home, can be a real problem. Document indemnity insurance will cover the travel, transport and accommodation costs if the worst happens and you need replacements.

Photographs and Videos:

Imagine the scenario of gathering friends and family around for photos or a video of your unique wedding in Greece. Afterwards, you find that the equipment was faulty or that the pictures did not develop properly. Whilst it may be impossible to recreate the magic of the big Greek wedding, many insurers will pay for the principal participants to be gathered together for a reshoot, often paying for a new wedding cake and flowers for the shot.

Some of the Cover Granted by your Overseas Wedding Insurance

Greek weddings are truly a unique experience

Overseas wedding insurance is usually taken out by the bride and groom or their parents, but a policy can be taken out by anybody who is a major financial contributor to the costs of a Greek wedding. Not only does this protect them from the worst financial losses incurred, if circumstances conspire the big day, but taking out wedding insurance abroad will ensure that the Greek wedding ceremony can still go ahead if the contributor falls ill or becomes unemployed.

Most wedding insurance abroad providers offer four levels of coverage, the difference being in the maximum payout offered for each particular eventuality, as well as the excess. However, many companies offer a much greater flexibility and allow you to tailor the coverage to suit the individual planning of your dream Greek wedding.



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