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Web Designer Tips - How to check web design in multiple browsers - |

Web Designer Tips – How to check web design in multiple browsers

Cross Browser Appearance Compatibility


If you presently develop websites for clients or for your own internet marketing or ecommerce businesses. Paying attention to cross browser compatibility is an annoying yet necessary step in your development process. It’s easy to use the latest CSS tricks and fancy plugins and scripts when every viewer uses a super system and tricked out browser like we do but taking in account the large part of the internet world who has slow connections and old browsers is crucial.

One must make sure that their CSS degrades gracefully and that their scripts wont slow down a slower connection past the point of patience for their users.

Personally, my development extends to using  3 main browsers, Opera, Chrome and Firefox (with IE tab). I often have all 3 open anyway and as I develop I can easily switch between them. With my android phone I can also choose to check for real use site speed and mobile compatibility within the 3 browsers I have installed there ( Opera Mobile, “Browser (web-kit)” and Miren)

But, that really is time intensive and incomplete. It’s not allowing for Linux or Apple based testing (of which I could fire up a eee netbook or  an old g4 to do if necessary).

So how can a web developer quickly test for compatibility amongst multiple browsers and operating systems.


How about one site that can check hundreds of browsers and operating systems in one go and take screenshots of all of them allowing for easy comparisons and corrections?




In one click, one can get this system to use computers all across the world to visit your page and take a screenshot. It’s quite amazing. It can take a few hours to go through the queue if you select every option, but for a more reasonable test you can have all your screenshots ready in minutes for comparison.




Browser Compatibility Test Site

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