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Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs In Indiana - |

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs In Indiana

Women entrepreneurs are making significant impact in all segments of the economy in Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia and the U.S.  However,Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs in Indiana the concept of women entrepreneur is a recent one and the ratio of women entrepreneur to men entrepreneur is very low.  This low ratio is mainly due to the various problems faced by women entrepreneurs which discourages other women to take up entrepreneurial activity.  Also, the majority of women entrepreneurs are low-paid, low skilled and low on productivity.  And this is also due to the obstacles and problems that women entrepreneurs face in Indiana.  Lets look at some of the common problems that women entrepreneurs in Indiana face.

  • Family Responsibilities:This is the biggest problem that women entrepreneurs face.  In Indiana, women are required to fulfill all the family responsibilities with little or no help from their partner.  And this is the same for women entrepreneurs as well.  This leaves little time and energy for business.  Also, many a times there arises role conflict which prevent them from taking prompt decisions in business.
  • Social Attitude:Despite constitutional equality, there is a discrimination against women especially in rural areas.  In rural areas, women face resistance not only from males but also from elderly females who have accepted inequality.
  • Low Mobility:One of the biggest problem for women entrepreneurs is mobility of traveling from place to place to place.  Women on their own find it difficult to get accommodations in town.
  • Lack Of Education:In Indiana, literacy among women is very low.  Due to lack of education, majority of women are unaware of technological development, marketing knowledge, latest promotion methods etc.  Lack of necessary knowledge creates problems in setting up and running a business enterprise.
  • Low Need For Achievement:Need for achievement, independence and autonomy are required to become a successful entrepreneur.  Most women in India lack this crucial pre-requisites.
  • Shortage Of Finance:
    Women entrepreneurs always face this problem of shortage of finance.  Private sources refrain from giving them loan and most of the time women entrepreneurs don’t have any tangible security to get loans from banks.
  • Stiff Competition:Women entrepreneurs face stiff competition from other established organization and their male counterparts.

Do you have it in you to be an entrepreneur?  Check this article for the required entrepreneurial qualities.

Let’s Discuss:

Please share any suggestions or ideas you have to improve the condition of women entrepreneurs in Indiana(or women entrepreneurs in general)  and how  can we increase their participation in entrepreneurial activities.   Eager to hear your ideas in the comment field.




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