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The Best Guitars For Backpacking, Hiking, And Strumming Around The Camp Fire. - |

The Best Guitars For Backpacking, Hiking, And Strumming Around The Camp Fire.

So you’re the default six string stummer for your pack of fishing buddies, or your off the trail hiking pals.  I know the gig, and trust me, it is the easiest gig of your entire life.  While entertaining a bunch of tired and drunk weener roasting folks around a camp fire might not exactly be the equivalent of playing at The Boston Pops, it is a gig that requires some gear, and you just aren’t about to take your full sized solid wood Martin or Gibson out on the range with the wolves, you know.

Well friends, you’ve got options!  With one of these great little guitars you could be sipping Colorado Kool Aide and belting out your best rendition of Rocky Mountain High in four part no harmony, or you could actually be softly picking that special little love song you composed – for that Lady or Man hiker in your life that you just can’t see doing without!

The Martin Backpacker


Friends, that right there is a Martin, and you all surely know just what that means (can I get an “amen?”) – and that means the thing was built to play, will play like butter, and, as per the name and the truth in advertisement, fit in your backpack.  What’s not to love?  Friends, when you’re on the run from FEMA and trying to relax in the wilderness, why, even the grizzly bears will all come a’ running to hear your final words and melodies!

Friends and other nonconformist of the musical persuasion, I want you to run your fingers (don’t walk!) over your keyboard and check one of these six string booger bears out today.  You can get em’ new, and often, used as well right here friends.


hallelujah !


The Baby Taylor Guitar


Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT1, Natural


Now I’ll admit, the Baby Taylor guitar isn’t exactly small enough to fit in your backpack.  I also admit that I never backpack anywhere – at least not since I’ve been living off pork n’ beans under this bridge.  I do think, however, that the Baby Taylor is a mite better guitar.  The bigger body produces a sweeter sound – a sound so sweet that I managed to busk up a full buck fifty for a can o’ Magnum just the other day, only condition was that I put the thing away.

There are two very similar versions of the Baby Taylor, and they are creatively known as BT1, and BT2 – ah, but with one of these you can make your creative noises much louder, and actually, for less money than with the smaller Martin Backpacker.


The Washburn Travel Guitar

Washburn Travel Series RO10TR Travel Guitar

I’ve never laid hands on one of these nice Washburn Travel Series guitars, but they are plainly available in colours brighter than a room full of Bilderberg globalist plotting the collapse of the global financial system and a New World Order.

That, young feller, is BRIGHT!  It’s plain to see that these backpacker guitars by Washburn offer a bit of a compromise between the Martin and the Taylor – It’s smack dab in the middle of the two big forces of backpacking musical smores eating background musicians, sorta  like Israel, stuck between Western Civilization, and those people with all the oil.

I think I’d like this Washburn Travel Series guitar myself, as it’s likely louder than the Martin, and smaller than the Taylor.



Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar with Bag

Johnson JG-TR2 Travel Guitar with Bag

I’ve never heard of this little instrument from Johnson, but then again it’s hard to hear anything with all this tin foil ’round me head.  I do know that this un’ is the least expensive of the bunch, and since I’ve been applying most of my budget towards duct tape and bottled water, I figure that the good people at Johnson made this puppy just for me.

I want you to know, friends, that sooner or later we’ll all be running for the hills, but there are some nice little guitars that won’t weigh us down much, and even were you to hop a train and go out in hobo style, you can at least pick and sing, and remember the good old days.



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