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Staying at Home - |

Staying at Home

Staying at Home

Authored by Rickey Combs

Being a stay at home mom has its advantages but at times I think I’m far more bored than I’d like to admit. I spend all day with a couple of toddlers and so last year I asked my husband if we could get a lake house to help bring in rental income but also for me to go to when I needed an escape. I love that it’s so closeby and that it’s kind of small…it’s actually cozier that way and I just love that our family is able to go there and just bond. I got the place all set up for me to work from home if I do decide to go back to work for my publishing house…I got Hughesnet Internet and I had a satellite dish put in so you know, I feel like I’m connected even though I’m way up in the mountains. We’ve actually had a lot of luck renting the place out and my husband’s happy with the extra incomewe’re bringing in!

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