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Personal Characteristics of an Entrepreneur? - |

Personal Characteristics of an Entrepreneur?


How to make money on the net as an Entrepeneur?

Opening this article, you are probably surprised by the lack of pictures. You have probably come to expect to see the photo of a guy with his legs up and the latest Macbook staring at the sunset by the beach. Or the big white mansion with a Porsche and a Ferrari casually parked in the drive. At least a few money signs, right!

Usually, online money advice and entrepreneur advice sells the illusion of lifestyle. buy our product or follow my system and you will be quickly rewarded with fancy cars and beautiful vistas.

Hopefully, By this time you have learned that they are selling an illusion and simply appealing to a base greed and a dream of easy, fast income with no consequences.

The term web entrepreneur is very broad, encompassing ebay sellers, ecommerce developers, web site owners, information product creators, systems programmers, multi-level marketers, dropshippers and more.

Income aside, the one thing that being a successful web entrepreneur can offer is freedom.

Freedom from a direct boss, freedom from specific hours and most importantly freedom of mobility, but with this freedom a darkside exists



The Butterfly Principle

If the sessions of the series were meant to be
prolonged twelve or fifteen hours like those of civilized workmen, who, from morning till
night, stupefy themselves by being engaged in insipid duties without any
diversion, God would have given us a taste for monotony, an abhorrence of variety. But as
the sessions of the series are to be very short, and the enthusiasm inspired by the
composite is incapable of being prolonged beyond an hour and a half, God, in conformity to
this industrial order, had to endow us with the passion of papillonnage, the
craving for periodic variety in the phases of life, and for frequent variety in our
Instead of working twelve hours with a scant intermission for a poor, dull
dinner, the associative state will never extend its sessions of labor beyond an hour and a
half or at most two; besides, it will diffuse a host of pleasures, reunions of the two
sexes terminating in a repast, from which one will proceed to new diversions, with
different company and cabals. -Charles Fourier

The excerpt above stems from the writings of Utopian Philosopher, Charles Fourier, he believed that the nature of man included the need for variety in everyday life and that society was best served when individuals were able to produce in a matter that was best suited to their own interests and natures.

This concept has always haunted me and nagged at me when I was obligated to work for others in ways that were not best suited my own nature. I also tend to be quickly bored by drudgery, I must find a better way, a faster system a more efficient technique.Within corporate structures or even under the thumb of an owner/operator” this attitude of change is rarely embraced for long.

So over time, I have been drawn to freelance activities and online based revenue sources. I have reached eBay PowerSeller status and earnings, I have created many successful niche sites. As a graphic designer and web consultant I have created entire brand redesigns and online launches of small businesses and products.

At any point I can I put on a different hat and express the various natures of my personality..for profit!

But the darkside exists, As your own boss, you set the rules, those with an entrepreneurial mindset are more likely to relentless taskmasters . I may not have to work 8 hours a day, but I end up working 12 hours a day instead.

With so many options and the work ethic that I should take and conquer every possible opportunity, i quickly began to burn out. My grail of freedom was an illusion, I was chained to my desktop and had to live by the hours and agreements set forth by my clients.

A good majority of my clients were start-up businesses and brick and mortar locations that I would help create a web presence or start an e-commerce portion to their holdings, their demands were frequently ignorant and ill-informed. As the one with the expertise I quickly learned that I had to turn the tables..I am not a hired “worker” , I am a paid expert, a distinction exists.

During the frustrating times that I was coming to these realizations, fortune placed two books in my hands. As one who is normally very closed off from “personal power” style writing I only opened the covers after hearing many respectable sources obsess over the messages contained within.





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