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Tola Gold Bar: Buy Gold Bars Online |

Tola Gold Bar: Buy Gold Bars Online

Tola Gold Bar

Photo by Akif Bayram
The Tola is still a current standard measure of gold and silver bullion bars (usually in the form of 10 tola bar but also 5 tola and 1 tola) in and around the Indian sub-continent and the souk’s of Arab nations. 10 tola gold bar‘s are the most common of the gold bars traded in tola weights.

Tola is an East Indian unit of weight which, since the second quarter of the 19th century, in the British dominions, has been fixed as equal to 180 ser (approximately 180 grains troy, 0.375 troy ounce, 0.4114 ounce avoirdupois, 11.66 grammes), the weight of a silver rupee. There are 80 tolas in a ser, 3200 tolas in a maund.

Pataliputra Coin
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A ser (or seer) is an Indian weight defined as one fortieth of a maund.

A maund is a unit of weight used in Asia, especially India. Unfortunately, it has different values in different places. A common value in India is 82 pounds or 37 kilograms.

Tola derives from the Hindi word tolā which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word tulā (a scale, balance or weight), which is from the Sanskrit word tul (to weigh).

Convert tola to grams

For more info on tola weight units.

For even more info on gold tola bars.



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