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The Duke Pecan Nutcracker, A Wonderful Pecan Shelling Tool. - |

The Duke Pecan Nutcracker, A Wonderful Pecan Shelling Tool.

Duke Company Pecan Nut Cracker/Base 100 Nut Crackers



Pecan Shelling Hand Tool Par Excellence!

Ranging in price from $9.99 to $15.99, the Duke Pecan Shelling Tool has made my life as a penniless hubartist and pecan sheller much, much easier. No joke, this is an awesome tool for hand shelling of pecans. I’ve got other tools, and those things could literally, suck the chrome off of a bumper when compared to the Duke model. Comparing other hand pecan shelling tools to the duke is like comparing wet matches to a nice, gold plated Zippo lighter

Here in North East Texas, we have both native sweet pecans, and what we call “hog pecans,” which are basically horrible tasting things that are used for hog feed. Problem with hog pecans is that they look just like the sweet native variety. You only have to shell one or two of them and give em’ a taste to figure out which one is which, but whatever. Anyways, what I was getting at is that our Texas native sweet pecans are smaller, and sweeter than those huge pecans that you buy for too much money in the local grocery stores. Those are probably Monsanto pecans, and I’d not feed those to a decent, and upstanding Texas hog. Where was I? Oh, Texas native sweet pecans are smaller, and so, if you peruse the picture of the amazing Duke Pecan Shelling Tool, you’ll see the threaded adjustment, that allows you to crack both the smaller Texas sweet native pecans, and the big, genetic mutant Monsanto pecans.

If you live in my neighborhood, and find that your favorite pecan tree of the sweet native variety seems to have not produced many pecans this year; do not worry, it’s not your tree, it is only I, the bicycle pecan bandit, and I have literally stolen your pecans in the night, but do not fret, unless you happen to be on your front porch on this lovely day, and fretting a stringed instrument playing the kind of honest music that Rupert Murdoch would never allow to be played on his idiotic radio stations. Just go buy yourself a Duke Pecan Shelling Tool, and shell the few pecans that I left for you.



The Duke Pecan Nutcracker.

Wesman Todd Shaw And His Duke Pecan Nut Shelling Tool.

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