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Temporary Office Dividers – Creating Home Office Space |

Temporary Office Dividers – Creating Home Office Space

Room Dividers Office FurnitureAs electronic communications spread and companies look for ways to slash costs, more employees are working from home. For a business, this means that there are fewer overheads and they can cut down on office space, a huge financial burden when rents for prime property are increasing exponentially.

For employees, working from home offers them a chance to cut down their costs and avoid wasting valuable time in the long and energy-sapping daily commute. At a time when employees are trying to balance work with bringing up children, working from home gives them a chance to avoid extortionate childcare costs and take advantage of more flexibility.

The Privacy Conundrum – Finding Space

This is the theory but, in reality, working from home throws up some difficulties. The mental image of home workers is of people slouched in front of the TV with a laptop on their knee, but this could not be further from the truth. Professionals working from home like to set up their own office, a quiet space where they can work undisturbed, dedicating their attention to the task in hand.

If you have a spare room, this is no problem and you can easily fit it out as an office. However, for many people, space is an issue and they simply do not have the room to dedicate to a separate office, and they need a way to maximize their use of space. The easiest way to do this is to use an existing room, dividing off a dedicated space for the computer and peripherals essential to working from home.

Folding Room Dividers – The Simple Temporary Office Partitions

To do this, most people opt for folding room dividers, free standing units of three or more panels that can be moved into position during the day to wall off the office space. At night, they can be folded and stored out of the way, making the roomy and airy, important if you have a small; home and need all of the space you can get.

When looking for the perfect room dividers for your home office, there are two main factors that you want to take into account, appearance and practicality.

Because your room divider will be part of the room décor, you want one that is stylish and elegant, blending seamlessly into your design and hiding your work area from view. If style is your overriding concern there really is a multitude of room divider types to choose from, from hardwood or bamboo, to wicker or lattice work. These will enhance a room and make your corner unnoticeable.

For many, practicality is the overriding concern and they want dividers that block them from view and dampen sounds to give the peace and quiet needed for work. In this respect, there are many dividers available, from the fabric covered types that are perfect for deadening external noise, to plastiglass which is great for dark corners where you want to maximize the amount of natural light filtering through to your workplace.

The other decision to make is the height of the room dividers because, while half-height room dividers are less imposing and fit into the overall room theme better, they do not always block out distractions. As a result, many home workers opt for full height freestanding room dividers, which stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

shoji screen office dividerFolding Room Divider Styles

Shoji screens are based upon the Japanese style room dividers and are possibly the most stylish solution. With frames made from mahogany, cherry, pine or other wood, these screens use paper or fabric to provide privacy. Many have a single sheet of paper stretched across a panel, while others are divided into sections for extra strength.

Shoji screens are often printed for extra style, and they really are a wonderful piece of furniture to set off any design theme. However, they are extremely delicate and easily damaged, and they are very poor at dampening out noises and providing privacy for work.

Wooden screens are much better at providing privacy and blocking out unwanted noise and attention and, with a range of types to choose from, you can easily find one to suit your interior design. Many wooden panels are traditional in style, using hardwood or elegant pine to add a dash of glamour, while others are printed with photos for modern chic.

However, wooden room dividers block out light, so they are not a good option for darker corners where there is little in the way of natural lighting. In general, wooden panel room dividers are much more expensive than shoji screens.

One excellent and practical option is wooden room dividers with blinds, louvered slats that you can adjust to restrict the amount of light entering your workspace. While perhaps lacking the ability of Shoji’s and some of the wooden blinds to act as a decorative focal point, there is little doubt that sheer practicality more than makes up for this.

Modular Room Dividers

If you want your office space to be permanent, modular office walls are another option. These freestanding units consist of a panel with feet, and they can be fitted together to form a wall, separating the office from the rest of the house. They come in a range of heights, from a few feet high to the large floor to ceiling panels,  depending upon your own personal tastes and preferences for privacy and noise reduction.

These panels are either covered in soft fabric, which is great at reducing sounds and gives you somewhere to tack papers and charts, or laminate, which is durable and hardwearing. The major problem with these temporary office walls is that they are designed for a corporate environment and are not going to blend seamlessly into your interior design theme.

Buy Temporary Office Dividers Online

It is extremely easy and cost effective to buy temporary office dividers online, allowing you to select from a huge range of options at a very competitive price. With a little forethought and planning, you will be able to create the perfect sanctuary, a home office space that allows you to work undisturbed.



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