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Swimming Pool Lounge Chairs

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, pool lounge chairs are a great addition to the poolside.  Choice of lounge chairs may depend on a few factors including whether the pool is indoors or outdoors, use of the pool chairs (wet or dry mostly?), weather that the lounge chairs will be exposed to and whether matching fabrics are required. There are many available lounge chairs to match pretty much any budget.

As said previously, there are a number of types of pool lounge chairs to choose from. Prices start at the lowest end with the plastic or resin chairs that are often sold in white but you can sometimes get in other colours. These can be bought from your local DIY or garden centre for a very reasonable price. These lounge chairs may be suitable if you are on a budget or need larger quantities.

Next are the fabric stretched lounge chairs – made of aluminium casing with a stretched material cover which is weatherproof. This is a more comfortable option than the plastic chairs and doesn’t really need cushions to make it comfortable to lie on, which the plastic ones often do. Frequently these chairs will fold up into a Z shape for easy storage and can be adjusted to different positions. These may be suitable if you do not have room to always have the lounge chairs out round the pool or if you need some spare loungers for when friends and family visit.

Teak lounge chairs are another good choice for sitting by the poolside. These are often quality lounge chairs that look very attractive. They do take a bit of upkeep as they will need coating with linseed oil every year to keep them in good condition. They also need lounger cushions to go with them which you can buy separately. They may be difficult to store unless you have a lot of storage space and can look good particularly with indoor pools.

The most sturdy lounge chairs that you can buy are wrought iron or similar chairs. Made of such a sturdy material they will last a long time but can be heavy and cumbersome to move. They often have an adjustable back so that you can change sitting or lying positions. Add cushions to these and they make a very attractive addition to the poolside.




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