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How To Buy Stainless Steel Machine Screws Online - |

How To Buy Stainless Steel Machine Screws Online

Steel Machine ScrewsMachine screws are essential fasteners with many uses, from precision engineering and aviation, to furniture manufacture and dentistry. They are available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the right screw for the job in hand. Most machine screws are made from mild steel or brass, but these are not always suitable, especially where corrosion is an issue, so stainless steel machine screws have carved out a unique niche.

Machine screws require matching nuts, stainless steel inserts, or pre-tapped holes for tightening, the lack of a taper meaning that the screw cannot carve its own thread into the substrate. Stainless steel machine screws are the perfect choice for soft or brittle materials, where a standard screw cannot find enough grip. Machine screws are available in a range of sizes, from the tiny screws used in spectacles to the larger machine bolts used in engineering.

Whatever size you require, it is easy to buy stainless steel machine screws online, taking advantage of bulk discounts to find a competitive price.

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Machine Screws

Stainless steel is resistant to rusting and corrosion, avoiding the perennial problem of screw and nut rusting together, which makes removal almost impossible. Stainless steel alloy contains chromium and nickel, which give the alloy its corrosion resistance. However, stainless steel is relatively soft, so it is important to use a slightly thicker, longer screw if load bearing capability is an issue.

Buying stainless steel machine screws online is extremely easy, and reputable retailers, such as Amazon and, offer a wide range of options. A good online retailer should offer stainless steel machine screws with a number of options

  • Slotted, Phillips, Torx, Robertson, and tamper-resistant drives
  • Flat, oval, round, pan, fillister, binding, and truss heads
  • A range of grades, from 305 to the superior quality 316
  • A competitive price
  • Bulk ordering
  • The full range of sizes, from 000 to 14
  • Matching nuts and inserts
  • The right drivers for the job

Stainless steel machine screw hex headThe Importance of Grade

Because stainless steel machine screws are often used for precision manufacturing, a grading system helps you to ensure that your screws are of the ideal quality for the job. The three-digit SAE grading system helps you to evaluate quality; for precision work, screws with a grade of at least 316 are ideal, whereas for other applications, cheaper 305 or 306 machine screws are perfectly adequate.

In the old days, when hardware stores actually stocked what customers needed, it was easy to buy fasteners by the pound, very cheaply. Sadly, they now try to force you into buying tiny packers containing a paltry amount of screws, jacking up the price if you have a large project planned. Looking online allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and order stainless steel machine screws online, practically by the bucketload!

Buy Stainless Steel Machine Screws Online With Amazon and Amazon Supply

Amazon and its subsidiary,, offer a wide array of high quality stainless steel machine screws at a very competitive price. With Amazon’s experience and attention to detail, this ensures that you can meet all of your hardware needs online, without wasting time searching through hardware stores for something that they don’t stock.

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