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Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

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Whatever way you spell it Elliptical Cross Trainers mean great Health at Home or Office

We recently had a baby, well, I just got to watch, but I was there. A few months after the baby arrived the wife wanted to start working off the baby weight. Although, we have a gym membership, it really was hard for either of us to get the time to slip away and actually take advantage of it.

Elliptical Machines and Bikes
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When the time came around to renew, she decided she would rather buy and elliptical machine as it was her favorite part of her routine. I was opposed. I see elliptical machines and exercise bikes at every garage sale and at the side of the road for free at a regular basis. But as I have a weight bench, free weights and pullup bar, I really couldn’t knock her desire for home exercise equipment.

So, the search began and ended rather quickly with a purchase from Amazon of not one but two Elliptical Machines!

Its only been a few months but at the cost of 3 months membership we both have a new Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Why Use an Elliptical Machine



  • Zero Impact Exercise great for joints or injuries
  • Small Size and Less Noisy then most Home Equipment
  • Safer then most pieces of equipment if you have a little one crawling about
  • Feels natural, kind of a cross between running and biking

We Bought these Two Ellipitical Trainers

Stamina InMotion  Elliptical Trainer

 A small piece of equipment that allows one to do the elliptical motion with less space. I have it under me desk and could at this moment be using it. Its kind of odd to exercise while working but its also very cool to be able to get work done and work out simultaneously.

Stamina SpaceMate Folding Steeper

Between City Living and the new baby, floor real estate is limited in our house, but the wife wasnt having any suggestions of putting the machine out with my weights in the garage. Since she likes to use it while watching TV or ironically exercise videos of other activities like TaeBo. I was worried that a folding model would be flimsy, but considering that it has never actually been folded down and put away other than the test run while I happily put it together and showed off that I was a handier then I looked and how easily it could be slipped away. So, it stays in the living  room and I pretend its not there. On this model is it important to note that the “stride’ is smaller, My wife is 4’11″ and if fits her well, that is a common observation from past buyers, smaller women are happy to find a model that fits them but may not feels as natural for taller women. AT 5’7″ I can also use it with no difficulty but I can feel that Im a little “off” what i would prefer to extend to.


Set up was a breeze by the way.




Elliptical Machine For Under or Around $100

Stamina 55-1610 InMotion E1000 Elliptical Trainer

This is the little gadget I can use while at my desk. Its kind of like riding a bikedesk. Not as odd as it would seem.


Elliptical Machine to Avoid:

best under 100 elliptical

ProForm 10.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer You would think $600 Trainer would blow our cheaper models out of the water. But, you would be wrong. I helped put together this particular model for an in-law and discovered that some parts were slightly off – i.e predrilled holes not working with clearly marked screws. This thing was a headache and was very noisy. The seller on Amazon has dropped the price quite a bit and Im guessing that reflects a lower cost of build that may have occurred and a drop in quality



I tried to highlight what  we took the a closer look at ourselves but feel free to search below for other options, the box will lead you right to Amazon’s top options.



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Stamina 55-1603 InMotion Elliptical, Orange Price: Too low to display
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6-in-1 Elliptical Trainer Exercise Bike - Home Gym Equipment, New Compact Workout Design, Ab Twister, Push Up Bars, Hand Weights, Resistance Bands + INCL. BONUS SPORTS WATER BOTTLE ~ ON SALE! Price: $248.88
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