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Trade Show and Pop Up Displays - |

Trade Show and Pop Up Displays

Using Pop Up Displays to Maximize Sales at Trade Shows


When your building your business and trying to create brand awareness and buzz about your products and services, it is suggestible that one takes advantage of the marketing opportunities presented by Trade Shows, Expos and Community Events. If the event is niche or service focused it will also offer the opportunity for b2b networking.

Presentation Matters!

If you are attempting to bring in new clients or leads, a professional and organized appearance is a must. When tabling at events, having a great presentation is easy if you take advantage of the opportunity offered by pop up displays.

Pop up trade show displays can be used  anywhere a large portable display wall may be needed.  Pop up displays come in a variety of sizes and shapes and you can even add graphics  or order them graphic ready.  When buying “graphic ready” , one can apply velcro graphics onto the fabric skin of the display.

A great benefit to pop up displays is easy to set up and transport.  The frame opens up like a EZ UP canopy or an accordion.  You then just hang either fabric or graphic panels on to the frame and then you are all ready to start developing new clients and partners.
For custom or advanced functions, Custom pop ups are available with internal shelving, back lighting,  monitors, dye cut graphics and a variety of different shapes are available.

Next time you visit a trade show, look closer and you should  see tons of pop up displays being used in all the various forms and options. The truly unique ones exhibit custom designed graphics for higher impact and maximum results.  Think of Picture pop ups at a trade show sort of like a billboard along a highway.  It only has a fraction of an instant to attract attention and develop curiosity.

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