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The Gibson Government Series II Les Paul Guitar - |

The Gibson Government Series II Les Paul Guitar


The beautiful guitar you see above is the Gibson Government Series II Les Paul Guitar!


The Legacy of the Obama administration will be the legacy of a man without much content to his character.  Of course there is his pettiness, his illegal activities and immaturity to consider. The Obama administration had made it plain they’d “make their enemies pay,” but probably few thought he’d stoop so low as he actually did.  Quite literally, the Obama administration attacked Gibson Guitars, one of America’s finest and most honored manufacturers of stringed instruments for supporting the Romney Campaign whilst rival Martin Guitars supported the Obama campaign.  A very large amount of rosewood was seized from Gibson’s Tennessee factory, in the end it was all returned.

Nothing Gibson had done regarding the rosewood from Madagascar and India had been illegal.  In Obama’s peckish little mind, however, not supporting Obama was illegal, and so the IRS and some federal marshals had been dispatched to punish Gibson Guitars for supporting more moral men than Obama.  Gibson has commemorated the occasion for us all, and for America with the production of the Government Series II Les Paul Guitar!

Now there’s nothing more American than hatred of Obama, the first person in our nation’s history to continually sign paperwork which he believes gives him authority to deny each or any US citizen due process and literally make them disappear forever without any reasons given or needed.  There’s nothing more rock n’ roll than thumbing your nose at authority, and there’s very few, if any, electric guitars more suited to heavy metal and hard rock than the Gibson Les Paul, and so the new government series II Les Paul is the ultimate American symbol of rebellion.

The Gibson Les Paul is the second solid body guitar to have ever been mass produced, and unlike Obama, the Les Paul is never going away, and will never be thought shameful to have endorsed.  It is, unlike Obama, a true American – something to be proud of regarding these 50 states.  Woody Guthrie, the great Dustbowl Troubadour had had on his acoustic guitar the words “this machine destroys fascism,” well, the anti-Obama Gibson is a bit of anti-fascism itself, and no doubt about it.


Specifications for this amazing instrument symbolizing rebellion against political tyranny are as follows:

* Solid mahogany body with carved maple top

* Mahogany neck with late 1950′s style profile

* Rosewood fingerboard of the very stock the Obama administration had confiscated for Gibson’s failure to support the Obama campaign.

* Pair of Dirty Fingers humbucking pickups optimal pickups for heavy blues, rock, or metal music

* Black chrome tune o matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece

* Black chrome Grover tuners with 14:1 ratio

* List price of only $ 1, 099 dollars, a tribute to American capitalism such a wonderful guitar born of rebellion against socialism and the tyranny of Obama!

* Black Gibson hardshell case

* Limited lifetime warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 customer service support.

* Owner’s manual, truss rod, and signature of  Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, a true American patriot!






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