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Home Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Lawn SprinklerA good lawn sprinkler system is a great way to guarantee a lush, green lawn at any time of year. Using a hosepipe to water lawns is extremely time consuming and uneven, eventually making the lawn patchy and unkempt. By contrast, good home lawn sprinkler systems will ensure that you can deliver water to where it is needed with a minimum of fuss.

A sprinkler system allows instant watering and is a very low maintenance way of maintaining a verdant, healthy lawn even in the heat of summer. The main decision to make is whether to use a simple hose attachment or go the whole hog and create an entire sprinkler system buried underneath the surface of the lawn.

Hose End or Buried Lawn Sprinkler Systems?

The simplest lawn sprinkler system to set up and use is the hose end sprinkler, consisting of a sprinkler attachment on the end of a standard hosepipe. This is moved manually around the lawn, ensuring gradual, even watering. For small lawns, the hose end sprinkler is a great option, and does not cost a lot of money. However, for larger lawns, moving the attachment from place to place is time consuming and results in uneven watering. These attachments are very unsightly but also waste water, a serious problem if your water is metered or you are under drought restrictions.

Where drought restrictions are in place, or your lawn is simply too large for the simple hose end sprinkler, a buried sprinkler system may be the only option. These systems are based around a network of pipes just beneath he surface of the lawn, and water is delivered by a pop-up sprinkler head or through diffusion directly into the soil. Of course, this comes at a cost, and the sprinkler heads can be obtrusive.

Diffusion sprinklers are the most discreet option, and hide the piping and water delivery system underneath the ground surface. Consisting of perforated buried pipes that allow water to slowly seep into the soil, these are efficient and effective, as well as being very cheap to buy and easy to install. However, they do tend to develop blockages easily so, for extremely large lawns, golf courses and municipal parks, the buried sprinkler heads are a better option.

Single vs Zonal Lawn Sprinkler Systems

For a small lawn, a single unit lawn sprinkler system is perfectly adequate, allowing you to water the entire area at the same time. However, for larger areas, the water pressure may not be strong enough to water the entire lawn at once, so you may need to invest in zonal sprinkler systems.

These allow you to water each section of the lawn individually, and send the water to where it is needed most, reducing patchiness. If you have trees and plants near the lawn, zonal systems are easily extended to incorporate these into your watering routine.

The complexity of your lawn irrigation system is limited only by your imagination and budget, and you can buy remote systems that can be activated by timer switches, rain sensors or even by a remote computer or mobile phone. These remote systems are perfect for second homes that are only occupied for a few weeks or months of the year, or if you spend long periods away from your primary residence.

If hiring a professional to install a lawn sprinkler system is financially unviable, or if you are a keen DIY enthusiast, self-installing a system is not as difficult as it seems. If you would prefer to hire a specialist contractor, they will be able to help you buy the right type, taking into account climate, soil type, water pressure and a range of other factors that can affect efficiency.

Whatever course of action you choose, installing good home lawn sprinkler systems is the way to guarantee a lush, verdant lawn all year round.



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