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Are You Worried Or Concerned About Monsanto? Here Is What You Can Do. - |

Are You Worried Or Concerned About Monsanto? Here Is What You Can Do.



All across the world, more and more people are joining the ranks of those who now know about Monsanto, and are appalled by what they are learning.  These concerns are all very valid, and independently verifiable from all corners of the globe.  Many nations have banned all Monsanto products, and others have banned some Monsanto products – and none of this is a modern day witch hunt, there are scientist far away, and right in your home state that can and will tell you about the dangers of genetically modified foods, or GMOs, as they’ve come to be known.

So, just WHAT is Monsanto?  Well, they are an  multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, however,that bit of terminology only tells you what they are in the business technical jargon;  it tells you nothing of what all the fuss is about, or why it is that you should be so concerned about Monsanto, or why there are, literally, millions against Monsanto.

While we may all forgive Monsanto for its part in the outright terrorism that was the use of  Agent Orange NOW, some still and forever will be scarred by the horrid defoliant. There is no doubt, the forests of Vietnam, and the fauna that lived within had nothing to do with the perceived communist threat. Did Monsanto care about any of that THEN? No, they did not care – the Earth was NOT their concern then, and it is NOT their concern NOW.  Were there a party for all the major United States Corporations to go to, and were Corporations literally persons, as they definitely are NOT, then Monsanto would be the best dressed at such a metaphorical party.  If you look at their own website, you will see the most obscene lies imaginable.  Take any statement on the Official Monsanto Website, and the exact opposite of the emotional tagline meant to manipulate you’re image of those persons and their products – would be closer to the reality, if not the exact reality.

Monsanto has been involved in more acts of outright wanton destruction of humans and the environment than I could ever list here, but time and time again they have been proved to be the corporation that the world considers as the most evil corporation on Earth.  The inability of Monsanto to produce a single safe GMO food is the primary concern most have for themselves and their families, and rightly so, and should you seek to broaden your understanding of why you too should be concerned about GMO foods, then I have a terrific resource for your studies here.  If you look at the official Monsanto website, which I have linked above, you read the lies, and there are many, but you get the impression that Monsanto is very very proud of its products, and yet they are fighting with all the wealth they have from their profits and with all their paid off politicians to prevent it being made known on the labels of things what is or isn’t their own GMO food, or ingredient.  I don’t know about you, but that is so very telling that it ought not to be under-thought.



Now, it should be beyond obvious to everyone on the planet that we do, in fact, have every right to know what is or isn’t in the foods we eat, and so demanding labeling of things that either are or contain GMOs is essential, but we have yet to address the real heart of the problem.  What is the problem if  it is NOT the unethical business practices and the utterly unfit to eat foods and ingredients?  Well, Monsanto is the problem, and Monsanto is powerful.  Money is what makes Monsanto powerful, and there is only ONE product on the shelves that allow for Monsanto to be a profitable corporation, and that product is the utterly toxic Roundup herbicide.  So in its most essential distilled essence, the problem with Monsanto is not the food, but rather, the herbicide.  ALL that is needed to break the back of the most monstrous corporation on the planet, is for you and for I to make a personal decision to NOT purchase Roundup, and to then spread the word to others, make them aware.  Roundup is not safe to use, its active ingredient, what makes if so effective seeps into the groundwater, and damages other flora that is not targeted by its user, and for generations to come, it will affect the health of all of us, and all plant life in areas it has been used.  I should not have to tell you that the insects, the birds, the mammals, are all also affected by this horrid product, the chain of life is a circle, my friends, and Monsanto is nothing but a cancer upon the entire Earth.

The importance of learning to be self sufficient can not be under-stated.  Now I perfectly well realize that many persons live in such an environment to where they think they can not grow their own foods, they have not the time, and have not the space…and sometimes, this is very true; but the real truth is they only haven’t become cognizant enough about it all.  If you live in an apartment, you too can grow some of your own foods, and you do not need much in the way of soil to do so, you can grow things – the most healthy things, and you can do this with hydroponic equipment.  You do not, I’m most certain, truly wish to live in an apartment forever – very few persons desire that, so you can also do maybe the single most important thing – SAVE SEEDS.  No, saving seeds REALLY IS just that important – as you see, the amoral, immoral, murderous, and absolutely and obviously unethical monster known as Monsanto seeks to control all food, and they seek to destroy all businesses involved in heirloom NON GMO seeds, but we must all refuse and resist this, and regardless of what the laws of a corrupted federal government might say, it is immoral to follow an immoral law.

The threat of a single corporation controlling the food supply of the United States of America can NOT be understated, and it can not be dismissed, in fact, a case could be made via historical precedent and current political machinations that, in fact, the government of the USA as currently administered within the Food And Drug Administration – they want you not exactly dead, but dying, as the profits lie in control, and in false cures from big pharmaceutical corporations.

We must as a people make a final choice, and determine our values – do we trust the wealthiest persons on Earth to care for us?  Or do we desire to make our own choices, accept the fact that we do, in fact, have free will, and do not have to comply with a corrupt system?

Heirloom seeds, buy them, bury them in a safe container, keep them secret, and keep them safe, but always, use them, and never purchase anything containing any kind of GMO product.

So again, friends, there is no need to purchase Roundup herbicide, in fact, by doing so, you support global tyranny, and slow murder – abuse of organic farmers the world over, and the corruption of the very Earth on which we all must live.

There is no need for this, and you can most certainly make your own organic substitute to Roundup.

How To Make An Organic Roundup Replacement

Roundup is utterly toxic, do not use it – use this instead, save money, save lives, and save the Earth.

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