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Carhartt Coveralls - Ultimate Outdoors Living, and Winter Work Wear. - |

Carhartt Coveralls – Ultimate Outdoors Living, and Winter Work Wear.

Carhartt Coveralls.

It’s cold outside either all evening, night, and morning where you are, or just all day every day, very likely. If it’s not, then it surely will be before too much more water passes underneath your local bridges. It’s just that time of the year.

There’s nothing like a good pair of coveralls to wear over your jeans and sweater when out while either working or playing on a Fall, Winter, or early Spring day or night.

Now please don’t mistake me as a fan of George W. Bush, but he lives around here, and I used to see him at the old Arlington Stadium while attending Texas Ranger’s baseball games. When Bush Jr. was President of the United States, he was photographed a few times, early on, while wearing Carhartt brand jackets. I have to admit that that was when I started really noticing that brand. I suspect I’m not alone in that at all.

Carhartt stuff just looks great. It’s a conservative, rugged, and very durable line of apparel that costs a bit more than some others because of it’s name recognition. It’s very sturdy stuff though, and besides the coveralls that I own, I also own a few nice pair of jeans from Carhartt.



Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt Lined Duck Coverall, Brown, 42




That would be ME..”Modeling” The Carhartt Coveralls.

Yes, I'm full of piss, vinegar, and ego

Yes, I’m full of piss, vinegar, and ego

Source: http://Me
I love Carhartt Coveralls.

I love Carhartt Coveralls.

Source: http://Me.

I’ve got two pair of the MEN’S DUCK COVERALL/ARCTIC QUILT-LINED, By Carhartt; and the family father probably owns a few pairs himself. He’s definitely got at least one. These are the single best Winter outdoors apparel that I know of. They slip on and off of an already dressed body with ease, and we all know that wearing multiple layers of clothing has a larger effect on keeping us warm than does just one massive jacket, or something of that nature.

Of course Carhartt is well known for overalls as well as jeans, jackets, and coveralls. I’m just a coverall guy. I’m bone thin and love the utility and convenience of a great set of coveralls. I suppose everything depends upon you and what you are doing. For work a lot of people prefer the overalls, but again, what you are doing should be what makes your decisions for apparel for you.

Female? Oh YES! Carhartt does make feminine versions of all of these things, and my won’t you look lovely in Carhartt? I think you will, but besides all that, it’s just good stuff. Like I say, it might be a bit pricey, but it’s rugged and durable, and so far as a set of coveralls goes – you can’t really wear those out very easily, one set could well last your entire adult life so long as you don’t outgrow the size of them.

To be perfectly honest about everything here – I did have to throw away a pair of my Carhartt jeans. You see, I’d been installing a five ton air conditioning compressor, and I had spilled refrigerant oil all over myself in the process, and then while welding the thing together. I burned a hole through my Carhartt jeans, somewhat injuring my left leg in the process.

That’s right, it took a cutting torch to ruin a pair of Carhartt jeans!


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