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Where to Buy Vintage Easter Decorations Online |

Where to Buy Vintage Easter Decorations Online

You need to be a real detective to track down the best vintage Easter decor.

Finding vintage Christmas decorations is not too hard, but when you want to add to your vintage collection of Easter decor, that can be a lot harder.  You need to put on your detective’s hat to find the best places to search for the right antique and vintage Easter decorations to take home with you.

So where to look?

Easter decorations are much more rare than decorations for Halloween and Christmas, so vintage finds are much more precious to own.  To start, try your grandmother’s attic, and the attics of your friends’ grandmothers.  It is amazing what your family may already have that you are not aware of.  You can also offer to swap, borrow, or trade decorations belonging to your friends who collect to see some new Easter decor in your home.

Next, it is time to visit your local neighborhood vintage shop.  The best shops are owned by people who really know their merchandise.  If they know what they are doing, you can call and ask them what they have before you visit, or if they know where to look for more.  They may know a vintage shop that specializes in just what you are looking for.

Once you have exhausted those methods, it is time to go online.  For vintage Easter decorations, or vintage decor of any kind, I always start with Ebay.  Ebay has such an ever changing wide selection of vintage for such a great price, and sometimes you can find some really wonderful vintage that you might not have even considered before.  Ebay is international, so you also get to look at vintage from around the world, and for Easter items, that is a bonus, because Easter is as old as Christianity.

If you use this link, it will take you to a page that I have written where I already did the searching for you, so you can click through to a narrow search of various categories of vintage Easter decorations.  When searching on Ebay, use various keywords to alter your search for salt and pepper shakers, figurines, ornaments, and other specific items.

From Ebay, once you have narrowed down what you really are looking for to a specific type of item, you can then search the internet for other vintage and antique shops that carry Easter decor.  This should be your last resort, because it will be the most expensive.  However, you may find that you can call or email the shop to bargain for a better price.



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