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Okanagan Specialty Fruits -GMO Apples - |

Okanagan Specialty Fruits -GMO Apples

GMO And The World Today.

Now we’ve all heard the old colloquialism,

“an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

I assure you that this is very likely to pass into the ether of human history, as that cute little phrase about the health benefits of eating fruit is under direct attack by one of the most insidious threats to human health the world has ever seen.

It is simple truth that should something sold as food not rot, then it isn’t truly safe to eat, not for a long term plan for personal health. Take margarine and leave it outside – nothing will eat it. Butter, however, the ants will be wallowing in THAT in no time at all. We’ve all seen the photos of the fifteen year old McDonald’s hamburger that just won’t decompose too – we know such things ought not be eaten.

Well, welcome to the year 2012, the third year after Obama appointed the single least qualified person in the entire world to run the Food and Drug Administration.That person, Michael Taylor, was a lawyer for Monsanto, the Merchants Of Death,just prior to accepting the post, and so, without anything reasonably close to efficient testing, ramrodded down the throats of the public, comes a new product, and the END of the notion that apples are universally safe to eat.Thanks so much, Obama, Michael Taylor, and Okanagan Specialty Fruits – you fascist pigs.

Does anyone have verifiable evidence that Barry Obama or Michael Taylor actually walk their walk as they talk their talk, and eat GMOs? I’ve yet to see it, and I seriously doubt it. We are talking about globalist whores that do have a purpose, and you aren’t part of it.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits – Bringing Toxic Apples To A Grocer Near You!

Okanagan Specialty Fruits – Canada’s Version Of Monsanto, Merchants Of Death.

Overwhelmingly, the public of Canada has demonstrated that they do not approve of Okanagan Specialty Fruit’s new toxic apple. Research polls have demonstrated that nearly seventy percent of Canadians do not wish to see this product on the market, and they do not wish to eat it, or have it thought to be related to their beautiful nation. Indeed, Monsanto is the shame of the United States of America – the single worst corporation in the entire world. Citizens of Canada rightly do not wish to have their own Monsanto.

Quite rightly, Canadian watchdog groups are outraged by how quickly their government is seeking to bypass all concern for safety of this heinous product.

“The CFIA should be deeply embarrassed for wasting Canadian’s time on a false invitation to comment on the GM apple,”

…said Lucy Sharratt of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, and then furthermore,

“The CFIA public comment period was always a sham because it was based on no data but this farce is now completely exposed.”

Okanagan Specialty Fruits – The World’s First Apples To Bite Back.


Altering Genes – The Domino Effect.

So, I’m often asked, yes ME, rather personally, why it is that I am so offended by everything with modified genetics in regards to food. Well, it ought not ever even be called “food,” as it isn’t, what it is – is unknown. What is known is obscene, yet it is still sold, as we live in a world where greed is thought to be good, and power attracts the very worst sorts of persons from among the human race.

I, however, am not the scientist here. I am merely an outraged citizen concerned for human rights, and who would love to see those responsible for the GMO atrocities of the past face the gallows. Monsanto comes chiefly to mind here, and even their Ph.D researchers have come out and said that unexpected and unwanted byproducts of splicing and inserting genes into vegetables and fruits is a virtual Russian roulette.

I saw what was really the fraud associated with genetic engineering: My impression, and I think most people’s impression with genetically engineered foods and crops and other things is that it’s just like putting one gene in there and that one gene is expressed. If that was the case, well then that’s not so bad. But in reality, the process of genetic engineering changes the cell in such a way that it’s unknown what the effects are going to be.

The quote above was supplied by Kirk Azevedo, a PhD out of California Polytechnic State University, a former Monsanto Employee. What he is saying is that none of it is safe, and no GMO product by Monsanto, or any other corporation ever WILL be safe for human consumption until a hell of a lot more is known that now is.

Now as if opening Pandora’s box even wider and not knowing or having even the foggiest of notions as to what might be inside old Pandora’s box weren’t enough for you, we also have another problem altogether to consider. You see, the world is just a tad more complex than anyone has managed to figure just yet, as there is more under the heavens and on the Earth than is found in idiot capitalist’s philosophy. Pollen Drift from mutant apples is a very direct threat to the organic apple farmer. It is just a fact of the lives we all still try to enjoy that mankind is a bumbling idiot on his best days, and an outright fool the rest of the time. Literally, pollen drift from these mutant GMO apples could destroy the entire North American apple growing industry. The state of Washington had best be taking it’s heed.

Oh, and The Arctic GMO apple’s by Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ ability to avoid changing colors may actually deceive consumers into thinking the fruit is fresher than it actually is, which could leave way for harmful bacterial growth to build up on the fruit.

When I was a young man, and more often nowadays, we were all told that should we see something, we should say something. I see reckless greed, and more reckless science, and I see the North American governments showing utter interference towards their own peoples and not only that, indifference towards all peoples on planet Earth. I see them lie time and again to the detriment of not just the consumer of their products, but to third parties all over the globe. If you see something, say something – and I am doing my part as a citizen to do just that. Investigate all these things for yourselves, and if you are looking for an ultimate resource for proof that genetically engineered “food” being utterly dangerous to its consumers, then I have the perfect place for you to start your learning process here.

If you see something, say something. I see the governments of the United States Of America committing terrorist acts on their own citizens everywhere I look, and the most insidious of them all are the assaults upon our very foods.

Never Purchase GMO produce, have some organic produce instead – you are worth it!




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