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Finding A Niche - 10 Steps To Finding A Profitable Niche Market - |

Finding A Niche – 10 Steps To Finding A Profitable Niche Market

Finding A Niche For Your Website/Blog:

Blogs and websites have become very influential component of the internet.  Be it anyone, a corporate,Finding A Profitable Niche Online a start up, a growing company or just an individual has a blog/website or is planning to set up a blog.  They are an excellent platform to showcase your knowledge and talent to the outside world.  Some start them for recording their daily activities and sharing it with their friends and some start to make money online.  So If you are planning to set up a blog or website for making money online then make sure you start a it keeping the audience in mind.

Choose a topic for and wants more information about.  Here are some guidelines that will help in finding niche topic for your blog/website.

10 Steps To Finding A Profitable Niche Market For Your Blog/Website:

  • Watch Trends:

    Observe the trends closely. Trends are not topics or things that are hot right now, but it is predicting about what people can and should be thinking throughout the year. The Gtrends tool by wordtracker will help you identify the search trend in your niche market.

  • Do Something New:

    I don’t think this point needs much of an explanation. Your blog should be unique and different. The uniqueness of your blog will make it stand apart from the rest. It will also help you gain loyal readership and increases revenue in the long run.

  • Brainstorming With Friends:

    I have found that brainstorming with friends can prove to be an effective method to help you find a niche topic for your blog. Talk to them, discuss, come up with new ideas. Also, listen to their problem and evaluate if you can effectively solve their problem. If the answer is yes, then why not set up a blog and explain it to everyone else. Infact, my successful bookmarking hub series was a result of helping my friend with the use of bookmarking sites.

  • Ignore The Buzz:

    Don’t try to do things that millions have done already. Honestly, it would be nearly impossible for you to rank as the other blogs already have an advantage of starting early. Also, many blogs are well established and it is nearly impossible to outrank them. Be a buzz creator and not a follower!!

  • Write Something That You Know About:

    Now this is a very important point to consider. Many just go after high paying keywords and set up their blog. They end up writing on a blog topic in which they have no expertise. As a result they fail and earn nothing. Always start a blog on topic in which you have atleast a little expertise and/or willing to research about.

  • Topic Should Be Specific And Popular:

    Topic of your blog should be as specific as possible. This will not only bring more targeted visitors but also make your writing more expert in nature. Also, take care to see that your blog topic is popular, that is there should be a market for your niche.

  • Topic You Can Write Consistently Over A Period Of Time:

    Make sure the topic you select have enough content. Many a people start a blog and after a few blog posts they don’t have anything to offer to their visitors. A blog should be regularly updated. So make sure you have enough content on the topic you want to write about.

  • Select An Evergreen Topic:

    Some topics are seasonal. People search for these topics only during a particular period. So, try to select a topic which people search throughout the year.

  • Is The Topic Profitable:

    Carefully evaluate if the niche you have selected for your blog is profitable or not. Don’t waste your time writing on topic that won’t earn you a dime. The keyword tool by google will give you a rough idea of the value of your keywords.

  • Look At Your Competition:

    Look at the competitor’s blog within your niche and carefully study them. Choose a niche that does not have much competition and you can easily rank for that topic in google.




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