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Find a 5th Generation iPod Nano - |

Find a 5th Generation iPod Nano

Find a 5th Generation iPod Nano

I was recently asked to track down a good deal on a 5th generation iPod Nano, I was specifically looking for the orange model but that option was secondary.

A family member owned last season 5th Generation ipod shuffle and wanted to gift it to his father who had showed an uncharacteristic appreciation for the device, but the new 6th generation iPod Nano was the only one to be seen on retail shelves.

Normally, a new generation or upgrade to a device would be a good thing, but thenew iPod Nano, isnt very much like a Nano at all and it lacks all video capabilities and has a risky full touchscreen, I say risky, because the draw of the device wasits small form factor during rugged outdoor activities involving powersports.

It would seem, even online, sellers have figured out that the last true nano has a greater demand now that the nano line has pretty much evolved to a shuffle plus. A cursory search shows that the older gen iPod if purchased new in box will run between $50 and $80 more than the brand new iPod nano 6th generation.

iPod Nano 5th Generation vs. iPod Nano 6th Generation

A very detailed and technical comparison would show that the differences between the two are much larger than they even appear.

But, the main reasoning for my search were only two fold:

  • A preference for the stick of gum form factor and more rugged physical interface
  • A desire for video playback and recording abilities

Some may wonder what good video playback was on such a small device and what the  need for video recording abilities could be .. who needs a vidoe camera in an ipod when we have small form video cameras and video cell phones?

Again, it comes down to rugged use, when jogging or out with the ATV’s or Snowmobiles we tend to keep the sensitive electronics at home but the music player is a must. That added option to grab those unusual and worthy moments to video is very much appreciated.

Im often surprised that Amazon has caught up on the online price wars for most devices, usually the free shipping will bump the superstore ahead of eBays small sellers.

Not in this case though, eBay is the best deal I found on an iPod nano 5th Generation, I aimed my sniper at an item that was foolishly closing at 4am on a Wednesday night and scooped up a spectacular deal. I suggest you try the same.


Prices for new 6th Generation iPod Nano


Buy a Orange 5th Generation iPod Nano


Apple iPod nano 8 GB 5th Generation (Black)
Amazon Price: $199.00
List Price: $199.99
Apple iPod nano 16 GB Black (5th Generation) OLD MODEL
Amazon Price: $238.00
List Price: $259.99


 Pic  Title  Details
Apple iPod Nano 16GB Gold (8th Generation) MKMX2LL/A (Certified Refurbished) Price: $179.99
Avg Review: ( total)
Apple iPod Nano 16GB Blue (8th Generation) MKN02LL/A (Certified Refurbished) Price: $179.99
Avg Review: ( total)
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