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What are affiliate marketing services?

Affiliate marketing is a form of web marketing involving paying people to refer customers to your website. Most affiliate internet programs will only pay if a sale happens, so the affiliates promoting products are as interested in increasing your conversion rate as you are. For example, you could use a network of affiliates such as e-Junkie to help you promote your new ebook, safe in the knowledge that you won’t pay a cent unless a valid sale happens. Yes, it will cut on your profits, but on the other hand is a sale that would never have happened otherwise. Affiliate marketing is also great for web marketing professionals and website owners as the earnings per sale are considerably higher than competing pay per click ad networks.
Affiliate Marketing For Advertisers

Affiliate marketing is all about sales, so technically it pays by itself. That on itself makes it a very worthwhile option if you are an online company looking to sell your products online. Some products are best suited to affiliate marketing than others: If your conversion funnel is very long, such as for example an estate agent, paying people for sales that may happen months after they were referred may not be effective. However, if you sell digital products or services affiliate marketing online should be on your radar as a marketing tool. You will be able to tap into your affiliates’ networks, reaching new audiences without any active effort on your side.

In order to attract professional affiliate marketers to your program you will need several things: a great product, competitive affiliate incentives and a website with a high conversion rate. Professional affiliates are very careful to spend their time only when they know they are likely to pay for it, so if you want to compete for their attention research what your competitors are offering and make sure your website converts the incoming leads into sales.

Affiliate Marketing For Website Owners

There’s usually two main types of people who make money from affiliate marketing: Website owners and bloggers looking for a secondary source of income and professional affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is great for bloggers because it can be used along more traditional forms of advertising, such as Google AdSense, and done right it ads to the value of your website by recommending useful products to your readers. However, if you limit yourself to placing a few banners for high comission products on your sidebar you won’t be making much money. People often buy after a review or recommendation convinces them that a product will solve their problems, and you will only be paid for sales so you’ll need to put some work on how you market affiliate products and learn some basic affiliate marketing tactics.

If you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business and want to learn how to make a real living from it you will probably need some affiliate marketing training, or to spend quite a lot of time crawling the Internet for information. Things such as creating capture pages, building  your own mailing list, setting up autoresponders and learning how to find the most profitable products and niches before somebody else beats you to it should become part of skillset, along with knowledge about keyword research tools such as Market Samurai or WordTracker.  Most affiliate marketing training programs created by succesful affiliate marketers have their own tools that have been developed to suit their particular method, which makes it a good investment.

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