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Tanning How to Get the Deepest Darkest Tan |

Tanning How to Get the Deepest Darkest Tan

As the summer months approach we look at ourselves in shorts, bathing suits and think, I need some color!  While we are well-informed on sun safety there are those among us who love worshipping the sun.  We miss the warm sun beating down on us warming us to a toasty glow.  To spite the warnings we long for a deep dark tan and feel less than whole without one.  We all know how much better we look with a tan.  Is it the magical healing touch of the sun that makes us yearn for its warm glow both on our skin and in our souls?   The beautiful golden hue of our tanned skin hiding our imperfections is a huge bonus. Regardless, the magnetic pull of the sun is very powerful and so today I offer up the best tips and methods for getting a deep dark and gorgeous tan safely.


Prepping your skin is the first vital step and a must. You want to make sure your skin is not blocked from a shield of dead skin cells keeping the sun from its magic. A barrier of dead skin masks the skins potential for tanning.  Exfoliate gently to support a healthy skin ready for the suns rays.  You should do this weekly to begin for sensitive skin and daily for normal skin to keep up a healthy glow.  This promotes clean healthy skin which will rid or be free of blemishes.  I use an exfoliation bath sponge daily. This keeps dead skin from forming and causing problems.


Suntan lotion is a vital ingredient to a really deep dark tan. Choose a suntan lotion loaded with moisturizer and an SPF of 8 or 10.Spread the lotion all over your body being careful to get a good even cover. Suntan lotion prevents your skin from tanning too quickly and prevents drying or burning.  Feel free to reapply ample amounts of lotion, keeping your skin moisturized.


You can burn your skin by tanning too long preventing a deep dark tan. One hour (thirty minutes on each side) of sunbathing a day is enough.  The most important thing to consider is to divide the time spent sun bathing evenly.  This will insure an even all over body tan; make sure you tan all sides of your body equally.  It’s easy to spend all your time in your favorite position or not want to move once you get comfortable.  You may want to tan one side of your body one day and the other the next, but remember you should keep the time to 30 minutes per side regardless.


Reflective blanket are great for an even all over deep dark beautiful coverage. This especially helps tan the sides of your body.  When tanning your front put your arms up and slightly hold your head back to be certain to tan under your neck and arm pit sides. Flip every 15 minutes as the sun is more magnified on these types of blankets.  You will never want to use a tanning blanket until after you’ve established a good base tan, about two weeks of tanning.

Pools and Pool Floats, Rafts and Tanning Lounge

You can easily enjoy tanning while floating on a pool raft, float or lounger.  This is a great leisurely way to get the suns reflective rays all over your body plus enjoy the soothing motion of the water. This provides you with a great and even tan all over. I prefer this method over tanning out of water for two reasons;

The relaxing drifting and bobbing along the water is a great time for me to unwind. This is when I really clear my mind, do my best thinking and supercharge my creativity.

I also get a better tan as the sun reflects off the water and gets the sides of my body plus the hard to tan areas.


You will need to think about the way you shower while working on that killer tan.  Be careful not to shower too much or too briskly.  If you shower in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon consider allowing your tan to breathe free of an extra shower.  It’s best not to shower at all after you’ve sunbathed so try to hold off giving your skin time to rest and balance out.  While exposed to the sun your skin produces chemicals beneficial to the tanning process.     You may have evening plans and want to shower before, this is fine.  Don’t use excessive amounts of soap except the areas you must, for examples the pits etc. The soap will dry your skin depleting the nature chemicals and oils aiding your tan.  It is very common to cleanse the body with essential oils.  This helps as it creates added moisture any tan needs for longevity,


This is the most vital step to keep up a deep dark tan and keeping healthy. Use a really good moisturizer day and night. Your skin will drink it up and your tan will look better and last longer.  Cocoa butter and Aloe based lotions are great as they add further protection creating a more beautiful glow.  If you feel you may have gotten a bit too much sun be certain to apply a straight aloe jell allowing it to penetrate following with a lotion.  A good guideline to follow is to apply lotion anytime your skin feels dry.  The best defense in dark tanning staying power is good moisturizer.  Don’t skimp on this step.


Last but not least drink lots of water to keep you skin hydrated and supple hanging on to your deep dark tan longer.  Dehydrated skin is dry flaky skin so drink your eight to ten servings of water each and every day.  Toss in a slice of lemon for an added fat burning bonus!



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