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Online Certification Opportunities

As a frequent educator in topics related to technology and online marketing, I often speak at seminars and conventions in these topics. I also run my own “Build an Online Business” courses in my local community.

I have been doing this for years and I am plenty established. If  I do say so myself, Im making a great living at it too.

One small issue that bugs me is that I didnt complete my college degree. I left school with just a few credits remaining to start my own business and take life by the horns. I dont regret this at all and I was successful. But, it does cause me a small bit of embarrassment or at least a second of feeling like a hypocrite when I push my Daughter to prep for college placement tests.

I decided that I wanted to “legitimitize” my career and education by working my way into traditional Academic institutions as a guest lecturer or speaker, maybe even as an adjunct Professor. I figured the best way to do this was to complete an educational certificate course to back up my career experience and credit hours.

It was suggested that I look into . I was not skeptical about online colleges. I know enough people who have studied and tested primarily using internet resources and still found excellent careers. For many fields it seems like a preferable interface where other students would just be a distraction. Courses such s Graphic design, Web Design, Computer Science, Statistics or even Software training like one would do in Information Sciences classes. They all seem like obvious fields to pursue in an online learning environment.

I was interested by an “Integrating Technology in the Classroom” Certificate program and decided to look into it further.

Have you learned anything about Walden University’s online degree programs ? if not you can learn about Walden here.

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