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Cleveland OH's West Side Market Host in 2012 |

Cleveland OH’s West Side Market Host in 2012

The historical landmark Cleveland West Side Market is the host of the Project for Public Spaces international conference in 2012

If you haven’t been to Cleveland, OH, you will not be familiar with Cleveland’s historic West Side Market located on West 25th St. right near the junction with the Carnegie Lorain Bridge.  This is the biggest and most famous market in Cleveland, and one of the most famous markets in the world.

The West Side Market is about to become 100 years old in 2012, and is one of the most stunning indoor public markets in the country.  This is not your average supermarket or grocery store.  The market consist of over 100 permanent vendor stalls selling all types of foods including meats, bakery, condiments, dairy, ready made food, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  You can literally do all of your grocery shopping for foods at the West Side Market.

One of the things that makes the West Side Market so great is that all of the vendors are local food producers and the food is extremely fresh.  Customers get to know the vendors well and vice versa, and know that the food is produced locally.  Additionally, the market has the old world flavor of many ethnic food markets, because it is a conglomeration of ethnic food vendors of every type.  These small businesses are interacting with their customers in the way grocers have been doing for hundreds of years.

The historic markethouse building that the market is in is also a huge attraction.  The ceilings are high arched ceilings that seem to go up forever, and colorful banners hang down from them. The markethouse was dedicated in 1912 and with its 137 foot clock tower has stood as a Cleveland landmark for nearly a century.

The West Side Market has over a million visitors each year, and due to the growth of Cleveland, OH as a local food city, interest in fresh and local food continues to grow.  One of the factors leading to choosing the Cleveland West Side Market for the international conference was the centennial, and the interest of local food in Cleveland.



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