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Bill dies at the End of Big Love on HBO - |

Bill dies at the End of Big Love on HBO

I dont think many of us were surprised. We all expected that Bill would be killed at some point in Big Love. The writers foreshadowed the even within the Capitol earlier in the season. They through a red herring in when they had Albie unsuccessfully attempt to kill Bill last season.


There was also some foreshadowing about the neighbor becoming unhinged. He had made some creepy moves in the past episodes and seemed to be descending further into madness. I was a bit taken back that they waited until the final minutes of the show to have Bill get shot and the flash forward to showing Sara and kid from Breaking Bad after their long absence from the plot was a bit pointless.

I also felt they left way to many plot lines hanging.


Ill have to think about it a bit and rewatch the series in order to get a handle on it, but right now Im thinking that too many threads hanging will make Big Love a forgettable series, unlike The Sopranos which neatly cleaned up the whole series in one epic ending, the Big Love finale felt more like a “lets kill him: so we dont have to pay the actors anymore type of conclusion.


I remain dissatisfied. Big 8 Motel
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