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Who won Top Chef - Richard or Mike? - |

Who won Top Chef – Richard or Mike?

Strong Showing From Both Competitors but Richard gets the prize

who won top chef

Modernist Cuisine Encyclopedia

“I really tried to incorporate my new understanding of the pleasure principle”

- Blais

The final battle of Top Chef came down a challenge with no frills or surprises. It was simple. Create your dream restaurant and wow the judges with amazing food. Neither Contestant failed at this challenge, Mike continued his hot streak and took a page out of Richards book (figuratively, although he did literally steal Richards recipe earlier in the competition) by amping up his creativity while still maintaining the wholesome “Grandmas Kitchen” concept that he imagined.

Richard’s presentation seemed to have only been flawed by a foie gras ice cream that was grainy and slightly unappealing in appearance. Richards very clever use of returning chef; Spike, to listen for critical feedback allowed him to make corrections to his recipe before the second round of judges arrived.

When Mike watches the show from home his heart will drop as he hear the conversation between Tom and Gail during Judge’s table.

G: ‘You said that Mike’s fish was the best fish dish you have EVER had on Top Chef

T: “That was before I tasted Richard’s.”


Richard Blais will be appearing on his own show on the Science Channel that will show off his knowledge of new cooking techniques. You can find some outdated information on his poorly designed site at (sorry, but slow loading flash, forced music plays and a lack of even basic seo is annoying all round me, ill fixyou up for a meal or two :) )

If you are an aspiring cook or chef and you want to get an understanding of the type of cooking that Richard Blais finds inspiring then this series of books for professional chefs that Blais shared with his Twitter followers may be enlightening for you.


“Six years of work by a team of 20 chefs, writers, photographers and designers led by the former Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Nathan Myrhvold; six volumes (5 subject books plus a kitchen manual); 2,438 pages; 49 pounds of cooking knowledge”


If you want to try out one of Mike or Richard’s signature dishes they each have featured recipes in their seasons Top Chef Cookbook which are highlighted below.



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Top Chef: The Quickfire Cookbook Price: $1.41 - $7.07
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