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Jacob J. Herbert Being Paroled After Murder of 5-year old Megan Madeline Thomas of Susquehanna - |

Jacob J. Herbert Being Paroled After Murder of 5-year old Megan Madeline Thomas of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania


Jacob J. Herbert being paroled after the Murder of 5-year old Susquehanna resident Megan Madeline Thomas. How is this possible?

Within 60 days the man who murdered 5-year old Megan Madeline Thomas of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania will be released. Some will call it manslaughter considering her life was cut short to drunk driving. Others will call it murder because Jacob J. Herbert knew he should not have gotten behind the wheel on March 17,2006. Only serving 5 years, he is due to be release within 60 days. Why would a man such as Jacob J. Herbert be released back into society? He surely has not shown any remorse nor even apologized for his shortcomings.

March 17,2006

March 17,2006 was like any ordinary St. Patrick’s Day. People would celebrate their heritage and others would join in on the celebration wishing they could only be Irish.  Earlier in the day the Thomas family would attend church, gather with the family and prepare to go to A.W.A.N.A later in the evening. Laughter within the household was always golden and the ‘ Thomas’ and ‘Lindsey’ families adored their grandchildren. Little did anyone know that hours later, Little Megan Thomas would be killed when Jacob J. Herbert of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania decided to get behind the wheel of his vehicle after drinking all day and drive.

Traveling at exceedingly high-speeds he missed a family who was also on their way to church, slamming into the Lindsey family mini-van while they were preparing to turn into ‘New Milford Baptist Church’, in Susquehanna Pennsylvania. Jacob Herbert was so intoxicated, he did not see the break lights.  He slammed into their vehicle so hard that Ed Lindsey’s wife lost consciousness and Megan who had been in  a seat-belt was literally ejected from her seat and thrown from the vehicle. Screams were heard as the vehicle came to an abrupt stop. Megan’s great-grandmother was cradling her great-grandson in her arms and Megan was nowhere to be found. Regaining consciousness Megan’s grandmother could not get out the passenger door and had to crawl across the column to get out of the passenger door.

Looking for Megan she found her under their vehicle. Megan Thomas was alert and conscious. Her leg mangled; but Megan Thomas appeared to be okay. Little Megan was more concerned about wetting herself, than anything else that was going on around her. Cradled in her grandmother’s arms, people rushed to their side. Jacob Herbert got out of his car, looked around and then he jumped back in his car and took off, leaving the entire family for dead. The next day they found Jacob J. Herbert’s damaged car and his blood alcohol level was still exceeding the legal limit for the state of Pennsylvania.

Sadly the night before Megan’s last words were, ” Grammy I can’t Breathe!”  and Megan Madeline Thomas passed away in the Medi-vac helicopter on the way to the hospital. Jacob Herbert’s bond was set for $100,000 and his own family members posted bond as he awaited his trial dates.  Jacob Herbert had been spotted multiple times in town drinking and bragging; but nothing could be done.

My Thoughts

If a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and kills someone, that person should be charged with murder. Vehicular manslaughter is the same as pulling a gun and killing someone. Why would any state, give someone their license to drive after they have committed such a  crime? When a person has a felony charge, they are not allowed to purchase a gun permit or have one in their possession. So why should anyone be entitled to retain a driver’s license?  Many of us were taught that a Driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. Jacob J. Herbert who murdered Megan Thomas on March 17,2006 will be entitled to a license.

The loss of Megan Madeline Thomas  has set the pace for change with our laws and judicial system. Jacob Herbert has not apologized for his reckless behavior and is to be released within 60 days. Do you believe that his time was served? When you calculate 5-year old Megan’s age with the length of stay he had in prison, our system believes time was served. A drug dealer gets more time in prison than a person who has killed an innocent human being.

We will not stop until Megan’s voice is heard. This mission is for all who have lost someone to another person’s irresponsibility behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you are ready to have your voice heard than help us on our Journey to change the drunk driving and say “Enough is Enough!”

Take a moment to contact

Office of the Victim advocate

1101 S. Front Street Suite 5200

Harrisburg, Pa. 17104

Phone: 1-800-563-6399

Tell them inmate # GW7847 Jacob J. Herbert should not be released!

If you have lost a family member or friend due to drunk driving, now is the time to let others’ hear your voice.  Do it for them, for you and together all of us will finally have Meggie’s Law.




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