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How To Design A Blog

After finding a niche and choosing a blogging platform, the next step in creating a successful blog is “How To Design A Blog”. ¬†Attractively designing your blog is very critical as it is the first impression that a visitor will have about your blog. So professionally laying out your blog will create a favorable impression and make your blog stand apart from the rest. The following point will help you in professionally designing your blog and make it look attractive.

Read This Before Designing Your Blog…

  • Keep It Simple:

    Really simple advice isn’t it!! Keep the design of your blog really simple. Don’t fancy too much and avoid cluttering your blog with too many things. Simple yet unique design will help your blog look attractive and appealing.

  • Design Should Compliment The Content Of Your Blog:

    There is a definite relationship between content and design. If you want to fully engage your readers then make sure that your design goes well with the content. Don’t overdo it and keep the design relevant to your content.

  • Avoid The Use Of Tables And Flash:

    Keep the usage of tables and flash to the minimum. Google bot have problems crawling sites using frames and flash. Bots are more html friendly. Also many browsers don’t support flash and the user might not be able to view your content properly.

  • Design Should Be SEO Optimized:

    Design should be SEO friendly. Never try to deceive your users or search engines. The design should be such that it distinctively display ads and not lure users to accidently click on them.

  • Key Information Should Be Above The Fold:

    Many adsense heavyweights will advise you to place your ads above the fold, as it is the most likely place that a user will notice the ad and click on it. The same holds true for displaying information on a blog. All the key information like RSS subscription, Search Bar, About page should be above the fold so that the user does not have to take the pain to search.

  • Add Relevant Plug-ins And Widgets:

    Plug-ins and widgets can really make your blog engaging to users. But make sure you only add relevant plug-ins and widgets, cluttering your blog with non-relevant ones will do no good.

  • Easy And Attractive Website Navigation:

    Your blog should be attractive and easy to navigate. It is approximated that a internet user stays on a site for less than 10 seconds before hopping to another site. So, if a user finds it difficult to navigate your blog, he won’t think twice before exiting your blog, no matter how great the content is.

  • Make The Author Comments Stand Out:

    Personally, I feel this is a very important point. No matter how elaborately you explain a topic, but a visitor may still have some doubt. He would ask his doubt in the comment section. So, answering his query is your second chance to explain and throw more light on the topic. So making your comment stand out will not only help the concerned person to easily locate the answer for his query but also makes it easier for other visitors to directly read your comments for more insight on the topic.

  • Post Relevant Images:

    Images speaks a thousand words. Images helps in making the blog look attractive and it also engages the readers. But make sure that the images are relevant to the content of your blog.

  • Check Your Blog In Different Browsers:

    Last but very important step. After you’re done with designing your blog, make sure you test you’re blog in different browsers. Different browsers may display your blog differently. So make sure you test your blog on different browsers and make necessary changes if needed.




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