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Download Top Ten Best TuPac Songs and Albums - |

Download Top Ten Best TuPac Songs and Albums

Shooter in 1994 2Pac Assault Confesses –  Renewed Interest in TuPac Spikes

Best Tupac songs and albums


What are the best 2Pac songs of all time?



I still remember when I picked up the phone years back to hear my friend say in his Virginia accent, that TuPac was dead. It didn’t mean much to me at the time, a shame, sure, but I had no dogs in the fight. But, over the years as the face o fmusic has changed and got more candy, pop and well dumb , the loss of an intelligent lyricist and character like TuPac Shakur really stands out as a big hit in the rap/hip-hop niche.


TuPac will live on in memory, avid fans still play his music and remixes and samples are regular events. The Makavelli clothing line with iconic images of Pac now appear in major department stores across the country.

Almost exactly eleven years after its posthumous release, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur’s 1998 hit “Changes” has been selected by the Vatican as one of the institution’s “12 Favorite Songs” as part of a playlist for MySpace’s new streaming service MySpace Music.

Did You Know The Vatican voted “Changes” one of its top 12 Favorite songs of all time?

“Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, let’s change the way we treat each other,” states Tupac on the track. “You see, the old way wasn’t working, so it’s on us to do what we gotta do to survive.”

So what are the best Tupac Songs and Albums?

One might try and take a glance at best seller lists from the record industry to get a handle on what was most popular. But, in the era of music sharing and especially in the rap game where mix tapes have always been a part of promotion and buzz creation its really not a valid indicator anymore. A more solid indicator in my opinion would be Youtube popularity and activity.


Best TuPac Songs by YouTube Popularity


#1 Best Song by TuPac – Hit em Up


With a staggering 58 Million Views, TuPacs Fight song “Hit Em Up” is undoubtedly the fan favorite. It would also be my first choice for this list. The anger and the back story of this song make listening to it infectious. The song is often considered to be the public turning point in the whole East vs West Rivalry of the late 90′s and is pretty vicious. I love it.

You can listen and download “Hit Em Up” by Tupac above or buy the whole album below

#2 Best Song by TuPac – Life Goes On

At 27 Million Views, Life Goes On from the All Eyez on Me album is the second most viewed TuPac video on youtube. It is an example of the soul and sadness that Tupac was able to instill into his lyrics, although a message of hope peeks out above all. Songs like this point out how Tupac was an artist while most are mere entertainers.

You can listen and download “Life Goes On” by Tupac above or buy the  album All Eyez On me below

Of course the link also provides additional download opportunities for 2pac songs

#3 Best Song by TuPac – Changes

At 17 Million Views, Changes from “Me Against The World” is the third most viewed TuPac song on Youtube. Im going to guess that this number is wrong, What is likely true is that many versions of this song are on youtube and as a result the views are staggered across many. Changes is probably the best Tupac song ever across the board. Its not my personal favorite but its an amazing song from an amazing artist who made to many to  really pick a true top 3.



I was always a fan of the “Until the End Of Time” album that is mostly studio recordings unfinished or unreleased. Not that anything by 2pac is unknown but the album seems to be less known and really shouldnt be missed


Some Songs That shouldnt be missed:

  • “Ballad of a Dead Soulja”
  • Lil’ Homies”
  • “Letter 2 My Unborn”
  • “Happy Home
  • “Why U Turn on Me”
  • “Thug n U Thug n Me” (featuring K-Ci & JoJo)
  • “Niggaz Nature (Remix)“ (featuring Lil’ Mo)


Amazon made a dedicated TuPac store, its definitely worth  looking through and grabbing some downloads you may have missed

Best TuPac Songs on AmazonMusic To Play, Movies To Watch and Books to Read



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