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Full Size Beds – Choosing the Best Full Size Mattress |

Full Size Beds – Choosing the Best Full Size Mattress

full size mattressFor many years, the full size mattress was the most common mattress size, with plenty of room for couples to enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. Modern life has seen people become heavier and taller, and this size is often seen as too restrictive, especially now that the trend towards larger houses and bedrooms gives plenty of space for king size or queen size beds. However, this has not sounded the death knell for full size beds, and they continue to make up a healthy proportion of bed sales.

Many homeowners have smaller bedrooms, and many people feel lost in a sprawling king size bed, so they are perfectly happy with the full size mattress option. Whatever the reason, selecting a full size bed set from amongst the bewildering array of options can be daunting. Appearance, budget, durability, and style are all considerations for buying bedroom furniture online.

Full Size Mattress Options

At 54” wide, and 75” long, the traditional full sized bed has plenty of room for two small or medium sized adults, but it may be a little small for larger folks. If you are tall, the ‘full extra long size’ is a good option, with an extra 5” of length. The drawback with this is that this size is rare, so finding a good bed may be tricky, and tracking down bed linen even more difficult.

The full sized bed, originally designed for two people, is also known as a double bed, but it is often used for one person, or where space is limited. Full sized beds are especially popular for children, granting plenty of comfort and a lot of growing room.

As a side note, the full bed mattress size is still used by the conservative bed manufacturers to determine the coil count of a sprung mattress. As a result, you should bear this in mind when looking for a larger bed and should try to compare the coil counts of the full mattresses, to give a fair comparison.

Buy Bedroom Furniture Online: Selecting A Full Size Bed Mattress

Budget is always important when you want to buy bedroom furniture online, but practicality and comfort are, by far, the most important factors. A poor quality mattress can cause postural problems and prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. If your budget is tight, it is better to buy a cheap full bed frame and good mattress than the other way round.

The type of bed mattress you select is important, and this will depend upon a number of factors. Memory foam mattresses are very popular, due to their comfort, but they do retain heat, so may not be suitable for warmer climates. Sprung mattresses are comfortable and keenly priced, but can sag with age, and are difficult to keep clean. Natural latex mattresses are comfortable and hypoallergenic, but they are also very expensive, although they will last for a long time.

Full Size Bed Frames

Finding the best full size bed frame can be a very daunting task, considering the sheer amount of types. Many people opt for hardwood or wrought iron frames, which are beautiful and sturdy, but also very expensive. Pine is cheaper, but lower budget options are often poorly made and will not last for long.

Tubular metal is cheap and durable, but is one of the ugliest of the finishes, although their durability makes them very popular for children’s rooms. The divan, with a base, is a good compromise option, and a good headboard can provide the aesthetics.

Other things to look for are storage drawers, which are a great way of storing spare bedclothes out of sight and out of mind. The options are there, and it is a matter of deciding which style best suits your interior décor and, importantly, your wallet.

Buy Bedroom Furniture Online

Most manufacturers recommend that certain mattresses suit certain frames, and this can be important when selecting a full size bed set. Otherwise, buying a full size bed online can save a considerable amount of money and guarantee you a blissful night’s sleep.



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