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Warped Cutting Board? Discover How it got that Way! - |

Warped Cutting Board? Discover How it got that Way!

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is discovering that you have a warped wood cutting board.  Not only does it make it hard to cut on, it’s dangerous too! Thankfully you can fix it but if you learn how to avoid warping in the first place, you won’t have to deal with the problem!

How did Your Wood Cutting Board Warp?

  • Heat – Wood cutting boards are not pot holders! You prep food on a chopping block, you place hot pots and dishes on an oven mitt, cool burner or something similar. The heat will compromise the integrity of your cutting board and if it’s the least bit damp, you’ll do even more damage.
  • Water – While proper cutting board care is essential, you must never submerge your board in water. When moisture is permitted to sit in a butcher block, it causes it to warp.
  • Storage – Wood cutting boards should be stored horizontally, especially when it’s the least bit damp from washing it. Storing a cutting board on its side will cause it to change shape.
  • Seasoning – When you bring a wood chopping board into your kitchen you assume the responsibility of general maintenance. Keeping yours well oiled will allow it to deal with wear and tear more gracefully.

A few preventative measures and proper cutting board care will ensure that you get the most use out of your essential kitchen tool. Wood cutting boards that are properly maintained can have quite a long lifespan, many are even used for heirlooms and passed down through many generations. Cutting boards are essentially the foundation of your kitchen and should be treated that way.



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