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The Hot New Military Fashion Trend |

The Hot New Military Fashion Trend

Fashions for men are more stable and tend to move a bit slower than that of women’s fashion trends.  But hold up, this season offers a distinctive hot new look for men serving up both a drop dead gorgeous man in comfortable men’s fashions.  The sharp dressed  military fashions top the hottest fashion trend.  While the military look maybe a retro vision this trend is loved by men of all ages and gets rave reviews from women who love looking at these sharp dressed men.

So today I introduce you to the hot new military fall fashion trend for men.

While men’s fashion is moving forward this fall, the classics blended with a military flare is merging to make for some head turning, jaw dropping good looks that are sure to make any man feel great.

The Hot New Military Fashion Trend

The Key Pieces

  1. A great military style coat, these coats goes with dress slacks or jeans.
  2. Aviator boots and they too can be worn with slacks or jeans.
  3. A great pair of jeans.
  4. Smelling good is optional, a hot new scent is available at the bottom of this page.

All the sharp dressed men will no doubt show up this fall in the new and functional attire of fall 2011. The military look is in fashion for both the sexes. This year’s fall military fashions embrace both the army and air force style. This fashion trend leans toward a third nautical element resulting in a preppy look.

Remember guys a sharp dressed man not only looks good but feels good so go ahead and take good care of you.

This sharp military look is a very popular look with the women so be ready to attract a bit of attention with the hot new military fall 2010 fashion trend for men .

Enjoy, Katie



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