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The Best Gifts to Give or Receive |

The Best Gifts to Give or Receive

Okay, so I did the article about the worst gifts to give or receive. Well here is my article of the best gifts to give or receive. I hope you agree, and I hope it inspires you to choose wisely.

Now much depends on how much you are willing to spend, and who you are buying for, so I am going to attempt to break it down accordingly.

For a Wife/Girlfriend, (very expensive).

1) A designer watch such as Rolex.

2) Diamond jewellery such as earrings or necklaces.

3) A car, (Porsche or similar).

4) A House, especially if it is a luxury one.

5) An exotic Holiday.

For a Wife/Girlfriend (not too too expensive).

1) A nice piece of diamond jewellery.

2) An eternity ring.

3) A ride in a hot air balloon for two.

4) A night school course in something she wants to try, e.g. pottery.

5) A voucher for a visit to a Health Spa for the day.

6) A Chef to come in for an evening and cook her and you and her a romantic meal.

7) A pet she really wants such as a puppy, but only if she truly wants one and you know she does.

8 ) A weekend break for two in a nice location.

9) A voucher that allows her to try something she really wants to do, such as a flying lesson.

10) Something she can use for her favourite hobby.

11) An example of something she collects e.g. Teddy Bears or Unicorn Statues.

12) Belgium/Swiss Chocolates, (the best quality ones you can find). Most women love chocolate, but it has to be the ‘good stuff’ to impress her.

For a Man/ Boyfriend (very expensive).

1) A car, preferably an expensive one such as a Ferrari.

2) A Gold ID bracelet.

3) A Cinema Surround System for your home, (trust me, he will love it).

4) A week’s (or weekend) golfing break on a well known golf course for him and a friend, with accommodation.

5) A years membership to a club related to his hobby, e.g. Golf, Snooker, Fishing etc.

6) An expensive watch such as Rolex or Cartier.

For a Man/Boyfriend (not too too expensive).

1) A weekend break for two in a romantic location.

2) A voucher to try something fun such as a day driving racing cars on a local racing circuit.

3) A new set of golf clubs, (or any equipment associated with his hobby such as a fishing rod, snooker cue etc).

4) Any male gadget, (they so love gadgets), e.g. an ipod, a new mobile phone, a camcorder etc.

5) An example of something they collect, whether it is stamps or coins etc.

6) A homemade voucher offering them ‘sex-on-demand’ for one week, no questions asked!

7) Some lingerie, only you model it for them on the night in question as a surprise.

8 ) Chocolate (if they like it). Chocolate Brazil Nuts always seem to be a favourite with men.

9) A tattoo (if they have tattoos and would like more).

10) A boy’s toy, e,g, remote controlled plane or helicopter, (they never truly grow up!)

11) A helicopter trip above the city.

12) A night in the Casino with whatever spending money you can afford to include.

Gifts for Children.

Obviously age has a lot to do with what sort of presents you buy for children or teenagers, but as a broad spectrum I have come up with the list below.

Young Children.

1) Educational fun toys.

2) Dressing up Clothes (Fairy Princesses, Superheroes etc).

3) Cuddly toys.

4) Rocking horses.

5) Trips out, such as to the local theme park, petting zoo, ice skating rink etc.

6) Horse-Riding lessons.

7) Fun, easy, low maintenance pets such as Sea Monkeys.

8 ) Dolls Houses.

9) Tree Houses.

10) A Bicycle.

11) Computer games for youngsters.

Older Children.

1) Self Defence lessons.

2) Horse Riding lessons (these work for most age groups).

3) Fashion jewellery.

4) Activity weekends.

5) Make-up, (girls).

6) Mobile Phones.

7) Ipods.

8 ) Open Cinema Tickets.

9) Their first secondhand car (depending on their age).

10) Driving Lessons.

11) A Scooter/Moped.

12) A Laptop computer.

13) Computer games.

14) A bedroom makeover to their design.

15) Ear piercing.

Gifts for Parents, Siblings and Friends.

1) Garden ornaments/water features.

2) A day trip doing something they will enjoy.

3) An overnight stay in a hotel with meals included.

4) Collectables (if they collect anything!).

5) A voucher offering free babysitting for a night or more so they can go out and relax.

6) Alcohol (good wine or beer usually goes down well!!!).

7) Night School Classes.

8 ) Open Cinema Tickets.

9) Any labour saving devices such as those lawnmowers that mow the lawn on their own.

10) Restaurant Vouchers.

11) A Tropical Fish Tank (but only if you know this is something they would get into).

12) Shrubs for the garden.

I hope this article has given you a few ideas, and please feel free to add some of your own to the comments section below.




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