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Sheryl Crow And Her Gibson Southern Jumbo Special Edition Guitar - |

Sheryl Crow And Her Gibson Southern Jumbo Special Edition Guitar

Sheryl Crow


The First Cut Is The Deepest

If you are a red blooded guy or gal attracted to the charms of women, then the woman in question here needs no introduction at all.  Sheryl is a great talent, her music spans many popular genres, and no way around it – she’s major candy for the ears and the eyes – all votes are in, and the landslide consensus is….we all freaking LOVE Sheryl Crow!

Sheryl has won nine Grammy Awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She has performed with The Rolling Stones, and has sung duets with Mick JaggerMichael Jackson,  Eric Clapton,  Luciano Pavarotti,  John Mellencamp,  Kid Rock , Michelle Branch, and Sting among others. She has performed backing vocals for Tina TurnerMichael Jackson,  Don Henley and Belinda Carlisle. She also sang as part of the back up vocals for the Bob Dylan.  Of course she’s dated some of those cool cats too….despite me being available!

Simply put, Sheryl is a special lady, and a major contributor to the popular music of the past twenty years.  Gibson Guitars recognizes this, and has chosen to honor Sheryl Crow with a special edition of their famous Southern Jumbo guitar.

The Gibson Southern Jumbo Acoustic Guitar!

Gibson Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar with Case (Vintage Sunburst)


The new features on this SJ combined with its distinct onboard pickup, the Trance Audio Amulet, allow Gibson to deliver an unblemished natural acoustic sound that has eluded performing artists for decades. Every note is amplified without artificial tone coloration and with the high-end intact, allowing for an uncompromised unity between the instrument and the musician.   With  all solid wood construction, a rare red Adirondack spruce sound board, solid mahogany backs and sides,  and 1930′s era scalloped bracing – this guitar, no doubt, is a sound cannon around a camp fire and your circle of friends, just as much as it is on the big stage when that luscious woman has it plugged in, in front of a football stadium sized crowd.

Sheryl Crow is a unique beauty, and her custom shop guitar has to be to have her name on it.  All the fixings are here including a  top finished in a unique custom shop, sunset-toned Vintage Sunburst high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, edged in a multi-ply binding and a traditional double-ring soundhole rosette. Mother-of-pearl split-parallelogram inlays grace the fingerboard while the headstock is adorned with the traditional gold script Gibson logo and pre-war banner decal. A custom-polished tortoise pickguard protects the guitar’s top. Finally, a set of high-quality, open-backed Waverly™ nickel tuners with pearloid buttons ensures smooth action and a tight hold at the headstock.   Of course the ultimate American made guitar warranty and fine hard shell case are included!  These rare beauties are built for a lifetime of fun, and should be honored in the same way as their gorgeous namesake is …but if the real gal will have dinner with you, you can’t do enough!


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