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Taylor 410ce Acoustic Guitar. The Ultimate Modern Singer Songwriter's Acoustic Guitar. - |

Taylor 410ce Acoustic Guitar. The Ultimate Modern Singer Songwriter’s Acoustic Guitar.

Taylor 410CE Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Guitars 410ce-L Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar, Left Handed


For many years the acoustic guitar market in the USA and abroad was locked up by two great big names, and those names were Gibson Guitars, and C.F. Martin & Co., or just Martin.  Well, if you think about that for just a moment, you can practically see what happened.  Two big corporations rose to the top of their industry and competed against each other, and there were very few other manufacturers that could make any sort of dent in the sales or reputations of the big two’s products.

What happened in time is very common – both of those two big and very old American musical instrument manufacturers got lazy, and they allowed their product to slip a bit in quality.  The consumers of those products picked up on the fact that what they’d purchased didn’t match the previous generations of the same products.

Quite naturally, a wise business man and innovative luthier saw an opportunity, and took it.  Suddenly, Bob Taylor had Taylor Guitars everywhere, and the only way that could happen was for his brand to be superb.  Taylor brand instruments ARE superb, and though most of them carry a very traditional look on the surface, the interior design of Taylor Guitars is very different from those of either Martin or Gibson.

That actually is the huge attraction with Taylor brand guitars – they mimic nor copy either Martin or Gibson.  Taylor Guitars are TAYLOR GUITARS.

Besides the fact that Bob Taylor came up with a totally unique bracing patter that provides a unique voicing and tonality to otherwise traditional style acoustic instruments, he also experiments heavily with new or non traditional tonewoods.


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Alternative Tonewoods and The Taylor 400 Series Acoustic Guitars

Traditional tonewoods for musical instruments are becoming more and more scarce. Do not worry, as there are a huge list of options, and all of them very good ones!

Rating by Wesman Todd Shaw: 5.0 stars

So far as the Taylor 400 series line of acoustic guitars is concerned – they are only ground breaking in the guitar manufacturing industry.  What makes the Taylor 400 series so special, well, it’s the wood used for the body of these instruments., and that wood is Ovangkol, an African hardwood that is a relative to Rosewood.  The beauty of Ovangkol is in it’s appearance, it’s tonality, and it’s availability.

With fine solid wood acoustic guitars – often the price is determined by the sheer economic law of supply and demand.  Ovangkol is readily available, and I know from my own personal experience that it is every bit as fine a tonewood as either Brazilian or East Indian Rosewood.  A rosewood body guitar might cost you more, but the price paid does NOT mean that you’ve purchased anything superior, what it means is that you’ve purchased something made with rosewood, an increasingly scarce species of tree.

You can see from the front and back view of the Taylor 410ce that the Ovangkol wood is very similar in appearance to traditional East Indian Rosewood, the wood used currently on the famous Martin D 28, the Taylor 800 series, and so many other instruments that it would be impossible to list them.  I’ve personally played dozens of these Taylor 400 series guitars, and I’ve owned three rosewood guitars, and still own two of them.  I can assure anyone and everyone without the slightest hesitation that not only is Ovangkol the equal of rosewood as a tonewood, it could possibly be superior, and that while being less expensive.

So what makes these guitars the ultimate for singer/songwriters?

They’ve got everything, everything in the world for the optimization of the performance of the modern singer and songwriter!!!  The solid spruce soundboard provides a high clarity for notes while the Ovangkol back and sides accentuate the high end notes and the lower register notes – while the voice of the singer provides the natural mid range tonality in a performance.  The cutaway design of the Taylor 410ce also allows for a more modern appearance, and access to the upper end of the fret board.  The first time I played one of these guitars I’d have walked out with it if I’d had the money.  I recommend these to anyone, and especially to those who sing while playing rhythm.  Check one out today!

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