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Security Safes For The Home - Protecting Valuables |

Security Safes For The Home – Protecting Valuables

High Security SafeFor protecting your personal documents, security safes for the home are the surest option, guarding them from thieves, physical damage and the ravages of fire. Most people assume that they do not need a secure safe, and that they are only for businesses and the extremely wealthy. In reality, security safes have a place in the home, as a great way to protect personal documents, passports and computer back up discs from fire or water damage. Security safes are cheap, reliable and durable, and most types are available with the traditional lock, combination or an electronic keypad.

Disguised Security Safes – Using Obfuscation to Hide Your Valuables

The simplest safes use disguise to protect your possessions, and masquerade as books or drinks cans. This makes it extremely difficult for a criminal to locate and steal your valuables. Distraction safes are a useful option and are cheap to buy, although very limited in capacity. In addition, professional criminals are often aware of what to look for, reducing the effectiveness. These security safes are not particularly secure, because the safe is small enough to be carried away and opened at a later date. Despite these disadvantages, distraction safes are certainly useful for hiding money and jewelry away from harm.

Disguised security safes are available in a wide array of options, from books and cleaning products, to beer cans and Del Monte cans. This variety helps to ensure that they can be placed anywhere in the home, or even carried on vacation. Using reverse psychology, hiding things in plain sight often works!

Disguised Security Safes

Fireproof Security Safes – Preserving the Irreplaceable

In many areas, especially those at risk from forest fires, fireproof security safes are a great solution for storing your valuables away from the ravages of fire. If the worst scenario happens, and your home is damaged by fire, at least your insurance documents, passports and other important papers will be preserved. This ensures that you will be able to concentrate upon the immediate aftermath of the devastation, instead of trying to contact insurance companies for new documents, or go through the expensive process of applying for a new passport.

Then selecting a fireproof safe, you should look at for how long the contents can survive sustained fire. For most situations, 30 minutes should be sufficient protection, but some designs survive for over two hours, giving extra peace of mind. Many fireproof safes are also waterproof, giving extra protection in areas where flooding may be an issue.

Fireproof Safes

Wall Security Safes – Tried and Tested

If your premises are built with sturdy walls, a wall security safe is a great option, giving a good blend of strength, budget and unobtrusiveness. Wall security safes need a little work to install, especially chipping away the masonry, but they are very secure and may be hidden behind a wall hanging or picture. Wall safes are the best option where space is limited, but are not suitable for premises with thin walls. In addition, if you rent an apartment, the landlord may be a little unhappy if you start creating large holes in the décor. If you do decide to buy wall safe, check that the securing bolts are sturdy, because any security safe is only as strong as its fittings.

Freestanding Safes

Floor Security Safes – Hidden Strength

Working in a similar fashion to the wall safe, floor security safes are fitted into a hole in the floor. Floor safes are bolted securely, ensuring that it is practically impossible to lift out. Floor security safes are extremely secure and discreet, but they require solid stone or concrete floors. The installation process is difficult, and requires some degree of expertise and special equipment. Floor safes can be concealed under a carpet or furniture, and they are the most secure of all the types.

Freestanding Security Safes

If a large safe is needed to store valuables, a wall or floor safe may not be large enough or, you may not have anywhere suitable for installing the other options. In this case, a freestanding safe is the only alternative, and can stand on the floor or upon a sturdy shelf. Freestanding safes must be securely bolted to a wall or floor, stopping criminals from carrying the entire safe away. The fixing bolts must be extremely strong, to prevent a determined thief from using brute force to pry the safe away from the wall or floor.

High Security Safes

Security Safes – Other Considerations

The first consideration is the size of the safe, and you need to balance the amount of space that you need for your valuables against practicality. Smaller safes are less obtrusive and are very easily concealed, but they are less secure and always seem to fill up too quickly. If space is limited, or you have no suitable walls or floor, then a small freestanding safe is the only possible option, but it must be bolted securely. Remember that with most safes, the idea is not to prevent entry but to buy precious time. If a burglar realizes that it will take a lot of time and effort to crack a safe, they will try to find easier pickings elsewhere, because time increases the likelihood of detection.

The other consideration is to decide whether you prefer a combination safe, electronic keypad or traditional key safe. This is a matter of personal preference, and depends entirely upon whether you prefer to carry keys or remember a short code.

Security safes are a versatile and secure addition to any home or business, and they will protect your valuables and heirlooms from theft and damage. There is a huge array of models and styles, but being aware of your specific needs will help you to select the best security safes for the home.



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