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Niche Market | Niche Marketing

What Exactly is a Niche Market?

If you picture a niche in your mind’s eye, it is a very small physical space that you can just fit one or two items in, or display just one item. In building, a niche is usually a small indentation or cut out in a wall for display or storage.

If you keep this image in mind while thinking of niche marketing, you will have a better idea of what niche marketing is all about.

The whole idea behind niche marketing is finding a niche, a very small, narrow, extremely focused topic, to market. By doing this, you will find a dedicated readership who are searching for that niche online, and build up a following.

Figuring Out the Niche to Market

If you are not sure what niche you would like to market, one of the best ways to decide is to think about the topics that you are interested in personally. When you are personally interested in a topic, it is much easier to write exciting, fascinating, prose. Your enthusiasm and passion about the subject that you like will come through in your writing.

That being said, once you decide on a few broad areas of interest, it is time to do some research about how to narrow that down into a more focused topic.

Here is an example:

If you are an avid vegetable gardener, you could write several articles about subtopics of vegetable gardening, for instance, preparing the soil for growing tomatoes, fertilizing organic greens, or harvesting corn for maximum output. These are the specific focused type of articles that will attract attention online and gain readers over time.

Writing Niche Articles in Groups

One way to maximize on writing about niche topics is to write your articles in groups. I usually recommend that people write articles in groups of ten. Ten is just a nice round number to work with. You can write the articles on related subtopics of your main niche topic, then link the articles together to get traffic to flow from one to the other. The general rule of thumb is that the longer you can keep a reader on one of your pages, the better a chance you have of them clicking on a paying link.

Staying Within Your Niche

Just because you have chosen one niche to write about, does not mean that you can only write about that one topic.  Most people are experts on more than one topic, and the longer they write, the more topics they become familiar with.

However, within the group of articles that are related to each other, it is best to group them via niche topics.  This way readers will naturally want to move from one article to another to gain more knowledge about a topic that is already of interest to them.

Using the gardening example from above, it helps to think about the people that would be interested in your topic when you are writing.  Picture the people who are looking for vegetable gardening information as standing in front of you, asking you questions.  That will help you flesh out your topics in order to make full fledged articles about each focused subtopic.

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