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Add Wow Factor to Your Bathroom with Attractive Bathroom Faucets |

Add Wow Factor to Your Bathroom with Attractive Bathroom Faucets

There are many ways to enhance the look of your bathroom but for that added wow factor you can’t go wrong with the inclusion of beautiful faucets. Thankfully the range of bathroom fixtures available today is so vast it’s easy to create a unique look that is sure to impress even the most design savvy of visitors.

When going to the extent of installing new faucets, it’s important not to rush in as there is a lot involved in selecting, uninstalling, and installing these semi-permanent fixtures; not to mention the dollars invested too.

Wow Versus Functionality

Wow factor is the aim, however, a faucet that is difficult to use will not impress anybody. Ensure you gain a complete understanding of how the faucets work that you’re considering. Also, take into account hand basins and existing décor when making your selection. For example, if the current basin is a vessel-style sink, ensure the waterspout is long enough for the water to fall into the centre of the sink.

Consider things such as the type of surfaces that currently dominate the bathroom. Select faucets that are made in materials complimentary to the existing design theme. A wide variety of finishes are available such as steel, brass, bronze, chrome and nickel.

Brushed nickel offers a very attractive, contemporary look and can add that wow factor without being garish. Not only is brushed nickel beautiful, its matte surface makes for easy cleaning and upkeep; attracting far less obvious marks than that of the more shiny surfaces available today. On the other hand, traditional metals such as brass transport the bathroom visitor to a place of timeless elegance and decadence.


Variety Is the Spice of Life

There is such a range of faucets available that you’re sure to feel overwhelmed at some point in the selection process. Use a simple process of elimination to make things easier on you. Ask yourself whether you truly like the single-hole faucets and if not then eliminate those ranges from your short list.

Do you prefer a more traditional tap or have you always yearned for that ultra modern cutting edge style for your bathroom? Many modern faucets are found to be spectacular in their design and functionality, even utilizing the thinnest of glass to act as a spout.

Add a touch of modern technology to your bathroom by selecting sensor-activated faucets. Sensor-activation in and of itself creates that special wow factor but when married with stylish design this impressive combination is hard to beat.

Complete the Look

As you narrow down your faucet selection keep in mind the showerhead and other bathroom furnishings you currently have. Many faucets will have an entire range of matching accessories, and rather than creating a disjointed look, it’s worth investing in additional items to complete the overall style of your bathroom.

When it comes to updating your bathroom and creating that wow factor, there’s no easier way than by adding attractive faucets. Whether it’s pewter, brass or brushed nickel faucets you choose, there is no limit as to how far you can take your bathroom’s transformation.

Tuffs Sain is an interior decorator and social media blogger for QS Supplies, the online shop for Bathroom Taps and home décor fixtures (for UK citizens).



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