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A History of ASCII Art - |

A History of ASCII Art

I had the question what is ASCII art all about?   psd
Photo by psd

I was able to find this excellent and authentic resource that includes a massive collection of examples of ASCII art .

Before the days off css and html 5 we had ascii art, font and space based computer art that required a lot of ingenuity and patience to pull off. It was used to create formatted design and tables for log in and registration pages but also was used for full size designs and art.


This resource linked below provides a guide on best choices of fonts, some size options and a massive collection of examples of some of the best ACII art ever discovered!


              .@.                                    .
              @m@,.                                 .@
             .@m%nm@,.                            .@m@
            .@nvv%vnmm@,.                      .@mn%n@
           .@mnvvv%vvnnmm@,.                .@mmnv%vn@,
           @mmnnvvv%vvvvvnnmm@,.        .@mmnnvvv%vvnm@
           @mmnnvvvvv%vvvvvvnnmm@, ;;;@mmnnvvvvv%vvvnm@,
 `    `@mnnvv%v%v%v%%;;@mvvvvv%%;;*;;%%vvvmmmm@;;%m;%%v%v%v%vmm@'   '
           `@mnvvv%vvnnmm@'     `:;%%;:'     `@mvv%vm@'
            `@mnv%vnnm@'          `;%;'         `@n%n@
             `@m%mm@'              ;%;.           `@m@
              @m@'                 `;%;             `@
              `@'                   ;%;.             '    Top portion of a
               `                    `;%;           pic


Ascii Art History



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