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What Victoria Beckham Wore to the Royal Wedding - |

What Victoria Beckham Wore to the Royal Wedding

What Posh Spice Wore to the Posh ‘Do’

Cameras flashing wherever this golden couple go, there was keen interest in what Victoria Beckham wore to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. From her own collection came this floaty navy dress, which successfully hid her growing baby bump. Yes, folks, there is another little Beckham on the way. Due this summer, the Beckham’s have not released a birth date. As summer lasts for three months she could be anywhere between 5 and 7 months pregnant.

The former Spice Girl is probably at the poshest do of her life.

And just look at those shoes!! Man those must be 6” heels she is wearing, which with a pregnancy bump and all the swollen ankles and bloating that accompanies pregnancy, can’t be comfortable! But you know when you are a social climber, those little things don’t matter.

What is that on her head? Some kind of hat that is sat on her forehead instead of over her hair where you would expect a hat to go. No doubt all those daft fashion divas will rave about her outfit but apart from the color I am struggling to see this as anything sensible for a pregnant lady to wear at any time.

She doesn’t look too happy in the photo either. No doubt she is feeling the strain of wearing those shoes while making sure her designer pillbox hat by Philip Treacy doesn’t fall off.

The best looking thing she has with her is her husband, David Beckham. For once, he is clean and well-shaven and wearing a morning suit by Ralph Lauren. The former England football team captain is probably looking the best he ever has, even if he is wearing the CBE medal he was awarded by the Queen for his services to football on the wrong lapel!

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