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Thoughts on Law Firm Website Design - |

Thoughts on Law Firm Website Design

Industry Specific Website Design – Law Firm Website Design


In recent months many of my clients in web design and marketing has been in Law Firm Website Design. Working with this industry has been quite enlightening and far different than the industries I have been familiar with in the past. Some of these issues are legal restrictions that relate to how a Law Firm is allowed to market, standard disclaimers and the like. But that is a small issue, another more important issue involves attorney-client relations and how that influences lead generation.

The Law Firms I work with wisely keep the Aweber logins and mailing list data to themselves. Sure, this is valuable information and shouldn’t be released to new partners but Real Estate Companies I work with have equally valuable lists and they have no problems with having me fully design and implement the lead generation aspects of their web site marketing.

Trying to explain the details and tweaks required on the aweber design end can be quite vexing when your working with not only a laymen, but a very busy laymen who has many other issues to deal with.


Lawyers as Clients in Web DesignBelgcamp 2010
Photo by drbparsons


Lawyers make for difficult clients. Over the years as a Print Designer and Advertising Executive, I find myself to be quite capable in being flexible enough to deal with the unique issues working with Lawyers can bring, but it has been a learning curve. They tend to be overly busy and their communication skills in technical lingo can often leave much to be desired. But considering their social station and respect they are accustomed to, one has to be very careful when instructing them How To Communicate in this particular type of project.


Some Tips For Lawyers and Web Designers Working on Law Firm Website Design

  • Keep Communication Brief and On Task (Don’t overwhelm your client with multiple options in each email)
  • Keep your emails threaded, allow your client to quickly use other emails for reference
  • Use screenshots or test sites whenever possible, don’t force your client to learn a new language, a screenshot takes 30 seconds and saves so much time, trust me!


Avoid the Hard Sell and Gimmicks In Law Firm Web Site DesignBaugh
Photo by William & Mary Law Library


There are many traditions and scare tactics used in Law Firm Marketing, most of them do not belong on the Law firms branded site. If necessary create satellite sites that can appeal to the crowd that is influenced by Ambulance images and Mesothelioma Lung Pictures.

The branded Law Firm Web Site should be simple, easy to navigate, easily viewable on a mobile device and be firmly designed with an impression of Trust and Integrity. If its a smaller firm the Attorney(s) are the brand and be sure to make them appear Professional, Qualified and Likable.

Make lead generation tantamount and don’t use the bells and whistles that may scare off slower browsers, older clients and mobile browsers.

Come to think of it – these tips work for any industry.




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