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4 Tips for Dealing With Social Media Fatigue - |

4 Tips for Dealing With Social Media Fatigue

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4 Tips for Dealing With Social Media Fatigue

Let’s say that you go a day or two without posting anything to Twitter. Or perhaps you don’t logon to Facebook for a few days. Maybe you fail to post any pictures to your blog for a couple of weeks. Do you feel guilty? Or liberated? Do you feel disconnected from everyone in your life? Or do you see the break as a bit of a relief?

But perhaps a more appropriate question is whether or not your break from your normal social media routine is due to a particularly busy week or something else entirely: social media fatigue.

Social media fatigue refers to the disillusionment that people feel as a result of the constant stream of Web connections that assault us at all hours of the day. But we are not simply referring to any old Internet connection. We are talking about social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr that are quickly taking over our lives and supplementing real life interaction.

How Is Social Media Fatigue Characterized?

Just like it sounds, social media fatigue occurs when we spend too much time on sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are several stages of social media fatigue.

  1. The beginning stages occur when you begin to grow weary of online interaction and you desire a break.
  2. The fatigue hits the next level when you feel like screaming every time you get an email saying that you have a new Facebook message waiting for you.
  3. And things have reached the breaking point when you seriously consider deleting all of your social media accounts and throwing your computer out the window just to have some peace and quiet.

But there is no reason that things should ever get to that point. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to avoid becoming bogged down by all of the interacting you do online.

How Do You Deal With Social Media Fatigue?

The key to dealing with social media fatigue is to have a solid system in place. You don’t have to completely abandon your online activities, you simply need to consolidate your efforts and have a “social media routine” that you follow everyday to keep from getting bogged down.

#1- Condense, Condense, Condense

You will want to limit the amount of people that you are friends with on Facebook and the people that you are following on Twitter. If you have thousands of friends on Facebook (only a handful of whom you are truly friends with), it is easy to get overwhelmed by your news feed. Cutting this number down will make these sites more manageable. Also, on your Facebook profile, change your default setting to ‘Top News’ instead of ‘Recent News’. This will filter the content so that you only see the most popular content. You will also want to limit the number of social media sites that you belong to. Decide which sites you use the most and delete your accounts on the sites that you check only periodically.

#2-Link All of Your Social Media Accounts

If you use multiple social networking sites, link all of them to a single Twitter feed. This can be easily done by using services like OnlyWire,, or Hellotxt. This will eliminate the need to visit multiple sites just to make a status update or to upload a photo.

#3- Designate Specific Social Media Times

Many people check Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day. Others have these sites open constantly and check them every chance they get. Constantly checking Facebook is not only unnecessary, it is also very distracting and can eat up a large portion of your day. To solve this problem, designate specific times each day when you visit these sites. Once in the morning and once at night is plenty. Also, try to limit the amount of time spent on any one site to no more than 15 minutes.

#4-Unplug once in a while

Completely turn off your computer and phone at least once a week and remind yourself what life was like before social media replaced all forms of interaction. Log off of the Internet and go for a jog outside, read a book, spend some time with your children, or visit a friend.

Social media can be a great tool for connecting with friends and family if done in the proper manner. Just remember to limit the amount of time that you spend online and strive to make real life connections instead of merely digital ones.


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