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Top 5 Genius Ideas and Products discovered through Pinterest - |

Top 5 Genius Ideas and Products discovered through Pinterest

Best Finds from my February Journey through Pinterest


Green or Geek products and ideas that blew me away this month

Source: via Joshua on Pinterest

1. Create biodegradable planters using your household paper towel rolls

It’s been a surprisingly mild winter here in NY and I have been prompted to start contemplating preparations for my first attempt a truly large scale gardens. Our new house, has an acre of property and I plan on attempting to utilize as much as possible for growing wine grapes, cultivating the rampant wild berries and creating a garden that can  not only sustain our family throughout the summer but also allow for some storage into the rest of the seasons.

Buying seedlings was always easy enough when I had a small city yard and a small plot for a vegetable garden, but would be pointless for my plans this season.

Being able to get started early simply by utilizing the household toilet paper rolls is something I never would of imagined on my own. Ingenious, free and a great reuse of easily collected materials.

I love it.





Source: via Joshua on Pinterest

2. Make your own Yogurt Pops in the easiest manner imaginable

I have a little girl, she is nearly two. I am quickly developing a new found love for nutritious items that are quickly served. Add the need for soothing the occasional bouts of screaming teething baby and this incredibly simple solution for creating yogurt pops at home seems like one of the most ingenious ideas I have ever seen.




Source: via Joshua on Pinterest

3. Awesome Office Shredder converts paper into usable pencils

An incredible amount of paper waste is generated everyday in large offices around the world. This awesome concept known as the  P&P Office Waste Processor is still only at the concept stage but is a very clever idea for in-office repurposing of materials on hand to make materials needed.

I love it!

Source: via Joshua on Pinterest

4. Glowing Power cords geek out any office or media design

This is the  Power Aware Cord, although it looks very cool and reminds me very much of the blue led light bathing me in my home office at this moment. It is actually a green product that is intended to make it more apparent how much energy we consume by leaving our electronics on when not in use. The cord glows brighter based on how much power is being pulled.

Im sure we will see a class of users who buy it for the glow, but it really is a great reminder, I know my blue case leds remind me to power down my rig most nights.

I cant find the Power Aware Cord for sale anywhere yet, but this is a nifty related glowing power cord that may need to geek out some of my media or computing centers.



Source: via Joshua on Pinterest


5. Vertical Chess Set for your wall is truly functional art

Is it practical. No, I dont think it is. But it is beautiful, truly clever and really should be a great addition to any game room or library. I love the idea of being able to play a game of chess on the wall over a great period of time, never having to worry about the pieces being in the way or being scattered in a pet or child accident.

It just drips class as far as I am concerned. I want it.

Unfortunately, I was able to dig up the actual product listing and class like this comes with a price tag



I’m not quite sure, I like it enough for a $200 Price Tag, I do think its a concept that can be translated into a good weekend DIY project instead.


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