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Nissan Motors win Contract to Supply the Iconic New York Taxi - |

Nissan Motors win Contract to Supply the Iconic New York Taxi

New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg has announced that Nissan Motors have won the contract to supply the next generation of the city’s iconic yellow taxi. Based on Nissan’s MV200 minivan model, the new taxi will be custom designed to suit the needs of both driver and passengers, and will feature a unique overhead window to offer the visitor unique views of New York’s towering skyscrapers.

The new Nissan NYC Taxi

The new Nissan Taxi will be twice is economic for fuel as the current fleet of Ford Crown Victorias, which only manage to do 12 miles to the gallon, and arrive already fitted with satellite navigation, so there will be no excuse for a driver to get lost.

The Nissan Taxi has a starting price of $29,000 and is capable of being converted to run on electricity by the year 2017, in line with mayor Bloomberg’s plans for a greener city.

With a higher driver view and a more than a passing look of the traditional London Taxi, the interior of the Nissan Taxi features antimicrobial non-stick upholstery that has a look and feel of leather. This is a hard-wearing material capable of withstanding all sorts of knocks and bumps that passenger movement will cause, as well as being easy-clean.

It is spacious inside the passenger compartment, which contains a specially designed air filter to keep the air smelling fresh, two USB powered charging units for charging mobile phones and other gadgets while on the move. Like all taxis it can comfortably carry 4 passengers, and for the first time, a New York city taxi will be fitted with front and side cushion airbags for passenger and driver safety in event of an accident. The doors slide open and closed for ease of use, and the taxi feature features low level lighting for passenger comfort and a reading light for use during times of low light levels.

What the Nissan Taxi can not do is carry wheelchair passengers. This may be disappointing to some.

The contract is worth $1 billion  as there are over 13,000 yellow cabs in new York which carry an amazing 600,000 passengers per day.

This is the first time New York will deploy a fleet of taxis that have been custom built specifically for the taxi trade.


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