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Just Wed Royal Couple Drive a Sports Car with Personalized Number Plate - |

Just Wed Royal Couple Drive a Sports Car with Personalized Number Plate

Just Wed Surprise for Onlookers

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, left their Royal Reception at Buckingham Palace to drive the short distance to Clarence House in an Aston Martin sports car with the personalized number plate of ‘JU5T WED’.

Royal couple Kate and William leave their wedding reception at Buckingham Palace

Looking relaxed and happy, William and Kate were entertained en route by a yellow Sea King search and rescue helicopter, flown by RAF pilots from the B Flight 22 squadron, of which Prince William is a member. In a special tribute, they followed the Royal couple, causing driver Prince William to take his eyes off the road to see where his buddies were.

Well-wishers lining the route, which was well mapped out by police and motorcycle outriders, were delighted to see the happy couple in their sports car decked out with balloons and ribbons, just like any normal newly-married couple.

The Seychelles blue Aston Martin Volante  belongs to Prince Charles. It was originally a gift from the Queen on his 21st birthday in 1969 and he was happy to loan it to his son for this occasion.

In 2008, the car had been converted to run on E85 Bioethanol which is an environmentally friendly bi-product from English wine-making.

The new Duke of Cambridge, an honorary title bestowed on Prince William on his marriage, and the Duchess of Cambridge (as Kate Middleton will now be known), still wore their wedding regalia but William had opted to put on the black frock overcoat of the Irish Guards, no doubt to keep the chill English late Spring winds out.

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