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Historic Changes to The Facebook Platform - |

Historic Changes to The Facebook Platform

I hate the new facebook – changes to the social networking website design

When I logged into my facebook account on March 11, 2009, I barely even noticed the changes that facebook had made but what was noticeable was the frequent status of “I hate the new facebook”

I am of the impression that most humans are not accepting of change, if its different than they are use to they just shut down and start complaining. I feel this is the case with the gripes to changes in the Facebook general user interface.

With the notable exception of being unable to find the ad manager tab and and my associated business profiles (which will not mean much to most facebook users) I feel the new layout, with its increased customization options will quickly grow on most users.


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What happened to “is” and other changes

So what exactly is different in the TheFacebook homepage?

The most obvious and probably technical of the changes is a switch from the old status update

Brian is _____________,

to a publisher format that asks “Whats on your mind”.

Facebook is obviously trying to follow the success of Twitter and has created a real time micro-blog publisher system within the facebook platform. I see this as a plus, I primarily used my status to showcase new items I had posted on eBay or new articles or websites I had designed, so I generally used the status publisher for the exact same purpose it has now become. Before the change, one had to go to their own profile page (rather than the home page) and use the add note or add link option to include videos or photos directly into the mini feed, these options all now exist from within the home pages publisher option.

I congratulate Facebook on this change and believe users will quickly adapt and take full advantage of these new options once they become fully apparent to them.

Ive noticed that a good portion of my friends use the facebook mobile option to share pictures and updates to their networks, and this actually seems to be there primary usage of facebook anyway.

Where is my ad manager ?

What isnt cool!

Since I am a Facebook marketer, I actually use the ad manager that used to be conveniently located in the right sidebar, the ad manager was also the access point for my business and fan page profiles. For the first couple of days I had no idea what happened to these options, eventually I noticed that the bottom facebook toolbar has small icons for each of my enabled applications of which Ad Manager is one, as I had never seen the icon before, it was not as obvious as it may seem.

Facebook has also changed the business profile page layout, it is essentially now just another profile page, which is a bit of an annoyance for me also, since Facebook deleted my previous separate Business profile page because “Businesses and Commercial sites are not allowed to have profiles”, so less than 2 months ago I lost my page and over 300 friends and supporters yet now its encouraged. I would prefer to keep the old fan page layout that was more static..meaning i could post a few article links, some youtube videos and some art, and be done with it, but according to their marketing research a business page will reach more people if they can feel involved and participate in content generation.

I dont like the rounded corners profile photos – crops badly and has not added anything to my experience, thumbs down on this small change.


Applications that dont suck

  • WeRead – a book archiver that makes suggestions of other books you may like based on user input.
  • Marketplace – A facebook Classifieds Plug in
  • WordScraper – battle other facebook users in on online scrabble style game
  • eBayer- publishes a note verytime you list something on eBay
  • FreeLancer- market your skills to the facebook crowd


Wait a second, I really do hate the new facebook!

As I am writing this I started looking over the changes a little more closely and reading other peoples complaints. I intended to say although at first you may be overloaded with info in your feed, simply taking advantage of the filters will solve this naturally over time.

But that’s crap, this really is a lame addled non user centered change!

The NEW facebook is an example of what not to do, a bad cluttered design.

We dont need a profile picture next to every little submission on the feed.

Why is my picture and a little comment box open below every single comment anyone else has ever made, if I wanted to comment I could handle clicking the little comment link…I doubt anybody had trouble with this previously.

Just on my home page alone, I have to look at 12 little pictures of myself with empty text boxes next to them! What purpose could that possibly serve?

My “newsfeed” now has a bunch of marshmallow peeps displayed on it that some drooling idiot thinks is fun to send to her friends, I don’t care…but unfortunately i like the idiot, so I don’t want to “hide” anything she may ever post again, yet it seems I will be notified every time some one plays with one of these idiotic quiz or gift applications. These very same applications that I took the time to individually block every time I received some stupid request.

I thought I was going to write a hub about how people are adverse to change, instead I realize facebook needs to can a ton of people, what a dud!

There is so much malcontent that users are threatening a mass exodus from the platform on March 27, 2009, I do recall there was a similar threat going around when facebook introduced the tab format which stopped the myspace style design plague from festering across facebook, but i hope there is some kind of response by Facebook to this awesome misstep.

Applause for Facebook!


Only a few hours after this article was posted, Facebook appears to have responded to criticism and has removed the automatic comment box feature.


Arnold hates the old New facebook





G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson Level 4 Commenter 2 years ago

I can’t get used to it either…seems a mess to me…G-Ma :O) hugs



Billsnetwork profile image

Billsnetwork 2 years ago

It’s like anything else, you have to get used to the change. I think it’s ok not that drastic of a change to before. I still think Myspace does a much, much better job in designing their layout and its so much moe colorful and you can design your own profile-unlike Facebook! Eiter way they are both great social network sites. I don’t think they should follow the Twitter way. Twitter is great for short-brief comments but its more for promoting your business.It is not a place for friends to be realy hanging out and socializing on a lengthy format. It’s more of a stop and say hello and goodbye.Oh and by the way, check out my website. I like your hub article.



G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson Level 4 Commenter 2 years ago

You are so right…but some how I am still attracted to facebook…He is such a young genious and is fun…G-Ma :O) Hugs & Peace



Iphigenia 2 years ago

I still don’t like the new look – and it’s not that I have an innate resistance to change, I quite liked it last time they chaged stuff. It seems to me that the new facebook is less intuitive for the user. Thing is – we all get used to these changes in the end.



mandybeau profile image

mandybeau 2 years ago

I don’t like face book, in any way, shape or form. It is quite possibly the stupidest of all the Social Sites, has the most weirdo’s on it, as well it also houses viruses galore.

I think with Hubs people write, an article, story Hub whatever (its just in a name) whereas these sites are Pure B.S. nine times out of ten. You wouldn’t actually know if you were dealing with a man, woman, dog cat, or even a transvestite.

I feel that the most interesting thing on facebook is the skins, and they are hardly brilliant, So in short is there a new look?, because if so it must have been so mundane I didn’t notice it.

Good Hub, just dislike Facebook. Rather e mail my friends or pick up the phone.

All I noticed was that it was slower, than usual getting on.




Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 2 years ago

To much bad change going around the world today,…LOL

Great Hub !!!



DogSiDaed profile image

DogSiDaed 2 years ago

I like Facebook, I’ve never had much problem with the layout changes myself, but the Newsfeed with so many pointless groups is the only thing that annoys me…because I join them all on a whim xD


watchya profile image

watchya 19 months ago

‘My “newsfeed” now has a bunch of marshmallow peeps displayed on it that some drooling idiot thinks is fun to send to her friends’

LOL! We always learn something from others. Like how they really are.


Update: 2012, How to Design a Facebook Fan Page for Business in the Timeline View

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