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The Advantages Of Bamboo Clothing

Many of us do not really pay any attention to the materials our clothes are made from. As long as they look and feel good when we wear them, that’s good enough for us. However, you may not realise that it is possible to buy clothes made from organic and fair trade materials, which goes a long way towards helping the environment, as well as making you look and feel great.  In addition to cotton, did you know that you can also make clothes from bamboo? Here are the advantages of using bamboo to make clothing.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Not only does bamboo clothing feel and look amazing, your conscience will be boosted too. Bamboo is a natural product grown without the need for pesticides and fertilisers. What’s more, the bamboo fibre obtained from an acre amounts to ten times as much as that obtained from cotton.

The fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo is able to grow in areas where other plants would juts wither. In addition, bamboo fibres are completely biodegradable which makes it an entirely sustainable crop. Try bamboo clothing to do your bit for the environment.


Great for sensitive skin

Unlike scratchy wool, bamboo makes the softest clothing which is ideal for those with sensitive or dry skin. As bamboo is a completely natural fibre, those with allergies or skin prone to irritation will find that they can breathe easy wearing bamboo. And if you feel good, you’ll exude a certain confidence too, which will make you look great.


Useful in sports clothing

There is research to suggest that bamboo has antibacterial qualities, which can help it to kill bacteria for good. This feature makes bamboo an ideal material to make sports clothing from. It also helps to keep socks fresh, smell-free and hygienic. As if it couldn’t get any better, these bacteria-eliminating qualities will not deplete over time or through repeated washing so your sports clothes will last forever if needs be.


No more static

Bamboo researchers have found that bamboo fibres contain 12 times the anti-static effect of cotton. So you can rest assured that by wearing bamboo clothing, you’ll no longer have static hair or get those niggling little electric shocks every time you move.


No more sweat

Unlike some clothing materials, such as synthetic fabrics, bamboo fabric contains a natural, moisture eliminating agent, helping it to absorb 3-4 times more water than cotton. So each time moisture comes into contact with the bamboo fibres, it will evaporate quickly to leave you feeling dry and comfortable.


Good source of ventilation

How irritating is it that denim jeans seem to leave you feeling hot and stuffy in the summer, and cold in the winter? Well with bamboo clothing, you’ll be pleased to hear that the opposite happens. The tiny gaps in bamboo fibre mean that skin is well ventilated and help to trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.  What person would turn down the chance to have their body temperature regulated naturally?

So as you can see, there are many advantages of wearing clothing made from bamboo. Why don’t you make the switch to bamboo clothing today and find out the benefits for yourself?

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