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How to beat the Wikipedia SOPA Blackout and still read WIkipedia - |

How to beat the Wikipedia SOPA Blackout and still read WIkipedia


I highly respect Wikipedia’s grand gesture and effort to bring attention to the moronic, corporate backed SOPA and PIPA legislation.

But, in my case, its preaching to the choir and Ive already contacted my Reps and shared the issue for nearly a month. Incidentally, I research online all day and today I ended up at Wiki a few times out of force of habit.

You will notice when you arrive that for about a second you can see the content on the page, then the mock “blackout” screen appears.

That one second told me all I needed to know to be able to access the page.


How to read “SOPA Blackout Sites”


Go to any Wikipedia page – Here is a good example page:


Ok, did you notice anything?

Yeah! No blackout. Now, you can do the same just by adding this special code to the url before hitting enter

now add this string variable to the end of the URL


?var=I@mS0fugGinK1dD1ngy0u    so that your link looks like this:

Try it with any link you want and enjoy silence in the Wikipedia Library.


But only do this AFTER you contact your House Rep or Senator  and dont gripe about the NWO and Hollywood and other Big Government stuff at them (as true as it may be) … just be realistic and quick, you, the voter does not want this, it is an unwise precedent and a technological nightmare.

Enjoy Your Wikipedia Browsing!
















or you could just disable javascript in your browser settings :)

or you could read the google cache of the page

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